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Nov 25, 2022
Hi! First time poster but have been lurking for a bit. I recently became a DVC member about a week ago and bought a small direct contract at Riviera. I’m aware that once a use year is set you’re unable to change it. I guess my question is since I’m still within the 10 day period would I be able to request my DVC agent to change it? We currently have a June use year; however, we typically like to vacation in early spring-May as well as in August/September. Is it worth trying to get the agent to change it to an April use year? Down the line I also plan to purchase a larger resale contract, I know everyone says to keep a single use year for simplicity’s sake but if I’m unable to change the use year from June to April would it be better to have the 2 separate UYs? That way I have that insurance regarding cancellation and can just use a December use year contract for my spring trips and then use the Riviera contract for the fall? Thanks in advance for the advice!
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Mar 19, 2014
I would guess this can be changed, but the window to do that may be close to expiring. That said, use years in my experience have not been that significant as travel patterns can change depending on your stage of life. Also, finding a great deal on resale for the resort you want and points available and price is hard enough, and then needing one specific use year month will make your search harder. But, yes, it makes record keeping easier with one use year, but in the end, if you don;t cancel a reservation, it will not matter much.


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Nov 15, 2008
Yes, tell them you decided that you want an April UY and they will make the adjustment for you, especially since you are still in the rescind period.

I did that when I first bought BLT. We had bought an Oct UY when we bought resale to start and then when we added direct, they were giving us an Oct UY. I then learned more about it, and because we were summer travelers...I wasn't the best so I called DVC to get it changed to June UY. They did it without a problem.

We ended up with two UY to start but we also sold that Oct UY one about 6 to 8 months after we bought BLT so it is all good.

While things can change over the years in terms of time of travel...why I am now back to multiple UYs...., I do think if you know that your current situation has specific times, having a UY that puts your points at less risk can be a nice thing!


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Feb 12, 2022
I completely changed my contract within the 10 day window, so I don’t see why you couldn’t change use year.


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Nov 25, 2022
Just wanted to say thanks guys! I originally was concerned it may be an issue because its now December and I had banked points previously to use for the ‘23 use year but they ended up switching the use year no problem. I’m really happy I asked here instead of holding off just because the contract was already signed. Thanks again!

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