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Apr 6, 2000
Hey Earl, how ya doing? I have a few questions for you to answer if you can without revealing anything too important. I was searching around the net and I came across a website(sorry I forgot the URL) for themepark rumors. The site stated that Universal has already started concept artwork/attractions for the proposed third themepark. Can you please tell me if this is true or not. I read that the park had many different themes such as; a nastalgic amusement park, sports, sci-fi, and classic movie monsters (my fave) to choose from. I also know that these concepts are also at but are for DisneyWorld. Enlighten me please, is someone pulling things out there buttocks or are rumors getting warm?

Thanks! ;) :D :) :cool:



How do we know that you are not a Disney spy trying to get secret information out of Earl????
LOL, good question but I am a total Universal/IOA fanatic, Disney magic doesn't do too much for me. I like the parks and grew up vacationing there but that is about it. I need that Ride the Moivies and Live the Adventure!

I just posted this question b/c it honestly sounds like the website has the parks mixed up, but I want to be sure. :D



I haven't seen or heard of any concept art yet. It's entirely possible it may exist, but if it does it's in California. I seriously doubt it does based on the workload at Universal Creative at the moment. With new owners and no commitments, there's probably a hundred different "blue sky" concepts, for which maybe one or two get a chance. At this point in the evolution of new parks, they will be throwing every possible concept out. Considering the possible timeline, what you see today will not likely survive to exist as reality.

The model of what hopefully is the next attraction in Florida exists, but it's here in Florida. Now, don't you think that's going to start something. But, I finished with the subject.

As to how I'm doing, much better this week (so far). I'm hoping not to repeat last weeks events or hours. Thanks for asking...
Glad to hear this week is looking better, bad weeks tend to last forever. Can't wait to chat again.

I had a thought of what could possibly make a good park. How about a Classic Universal Monsters park(something like Universal's Monster Isle), each with there own land and themed attraction. The center piece or logo for the park could be Dracula's castle and during the day the park would be tame and the monsters would be friendly but when night fell the music changes, lights dim, and monsters attitude change. I figure since HHN does so well why not profit from an entire theme park devoted to these legends? Just my tiny thought and opinion. :D


I like that idea for universal to open up a park based on the monsters that made them popular. they each have there own island and a couple rides for each.

I hope to make the next chat. I was flat out for the last one. My day started out normal on Thursday morning, quickly going downhill. By the time I got back home Friday night around 7:30, I was dead to the world. Never again. It was a new record for me. I'm too old for this stuff (no comments from the Hawaiian cheering section).


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