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Jan 17, 2005
I have what is probably a silly question. We have reserved a AAA package and our 5 day tickets come with a $10 ESPN Zone card, is this linked on the ticket like the EE or is it a separate voucher like Toontown Madness? I had planned on upgrading our tickets to AP's after EE to take advantage of restaurant discounts, but we won't have used the ESPN yet. Anyone know how this works? Also if it's a separate voucher can we use this on our Christmas visit or does it expire? Thanks so much to the regular posters. Without all the helpful info. we might have postponed our DL trip due to the crowds this year. I'm glad we get to catch all the 50th entertainment this year. :rotfl:


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May 19, 2005
When you take your Disney ticket into espn zone they give you a espn zone card with $10 in credit towards games there (on back of park hopper in small print it indicates valid for espn zone card

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May 12, 2004
You will need to stop in at ESPN Zone to get your $10 credit before you upgrade to an AP. We lost the credit on a couple of our passes when we upgraded - but was not worth it to run down to the Zone and then wait in line again for AP processing.
You should be able to just hold onto the card and use it on your Dec. trip once you get it though. I just picked up a similar game play card and was told you have a year to use it. They did say that even if the credits have expired, if you add to the card, the unused credits should show up again - not sure I'd want to try that though.


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