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Oct 25, 2001
My TA set up reservations with Avis for me. I am going on the 10/17 sailing for the $99 deal. I wonder why the cheapest rate she gave me was $55 a day for two days. How can i get a daily rate? I really don't want to spend that much on a rental car for two days at WDW. Dave's sight recommends Avis because you can drop off close to port. Anyone have any suggestions.

I thought about using hotwire, but you don't know who the car is rented from until you have to pay...

Help, i need suggestions.

I sure have had one heck of a time getting logged in and able to view anything at this site. Hope the problems are resolved...

Thanx in advance...
Just go to and set up a reservation. The pickup location is MCO and the dropoff location is P3F. Since your dropoff time will probably be less than 24 hours after your pickup location, you'd only be charged for one day.

After the cruise, do the same thing in reverse.
thanx, i knew i could count on you to give the answer. We are only taking the rental car one way, and decided not to hassle with it to get back to the airport....
and i got a message saying there are no one way rentals to this drop off. Any suggestions on how to proceed?

Hi, I was able to do the one-way rental and also had problems with that same message. Then I realized that I had the drop-off location code reversed. Try switching the f and the 3!
Good Luck
I have made ressie w/Avis for our "first" DCL cruise on 5/23/02:D and since it was a weekday, the rate was slightly higher. The rate quoted was $39 (midsize-Class C), but with taxes/surcharge (but without the $9 concession recovery fee), it comes out to $47.99 (and no drop charge assessed). The rate was with a starwood code that anybody could use (K817200), it's the same as with United Airline referral. BTW, I did book this using (there's also $5.00/day for 5 days coupon if you sign-up on, which we will be using on our reverse ressie once we return from DCL).

Mousesavers also had a great code for Avis. It was a group code that anyone could use. I used for our one day rental of a van when we disembark. The rental was only $56.65 with tax!!!

The code was K163324. We are renting on 3/2/02 from the port and dropping off at airport in the evening.

Originally posted by mmouse37
Mousesavers also had a great code for Avis. It was a group code that anyone could use.

This is so cool, the mousesavers' code yield a much more favorable rate than starwood/united/my personal rate. Thanks:D :D
SINK...let's cross our fingers that it works. Mousesavers said you did not need proof of being with a group and hope that is true. I also could not believe the rate with that code. I am picking up car on 3/2 and your not going until I will definitely post if the code works or not.

Can either of these codes be used at anytime without doing the cruise with Avis or do you have to be coming off the cruise to use these and get tje rates ?:rolleyes:
patches....I think you can use them at any time. We are actually using the code twice. Once before the cruise because we are travelling to Florida a week early and need to rent a van and then again when we disembark the cruise, we are using the code for a van for the day before we head to the airport.

Obviously these are two separate reservations with Avis and I booked online and printed out the confirmations. But, I do know that none of these codes are guaranteed by Mousesavers and I am just crossing my fingers that you don't have to show proof of being with a group. I am willing to take the chance at such a good rate.



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