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Earning My Ears
Mar 23, 2001

We're going to WDW in May (5/2-5/11). We are booked at WL for the first 2 nights, and then going to OKW for 7 nights. My husband will only be with us 5/2-5/5. Here are my questions:

1) When we switch resorts, we're going under a different name - my mom is renting the rooms and staying with us. If we decide to do UMPs, can we do it for the entire stay, or will we have to buy 2 UMPs? Should I try to change the ressies (if possible) to my name?

2) Can I leave my husband's name of the ressie, and just have me and my 2 children (DS-4, DD-2) on it for the UMPs. I understand that it's an "all or nothing" thing - I don't want to "cheat" Disney, but I also don't want to pay for something that isn't going to be used for 7 days and is non-transferable.

3) Are the UMPs the best option for us? I've been going back and forth on this issue, and I'm still unsure. I think we'll be at the parks every day, at least for a little while. We will also be doing the water parks. On a days we do a water park (morning), we'd come back to the resort to rest, and then hit the park in the evening.

I'm not sure if the AP would be better for us, because we do plan on hitting the water parks - and to get those "free" we'd have to upgrade to the PAP. I'm just not sure we'd be going back in 365 days. We are DC members, so we'd get a bit of a discount, but still... that's $475 for the PAP (for me alone!). Do DC members get a discount on the UMP?

I need help! Thanks so much for any advice or information you can give me. Everyone on this board is SO helpful and knowledgeable.

Thanks again.

Yes, you get a discount on most tickets with Disney Club.

Do you like/love Disney Quest? If you do then UMPs - unlimited DQ is only on these tickets.

If you only want water park/theme parks - how about a 5 or 6 day (they do have 7 day) hopper park plus. the plus is the water parks, PI and WWS. that way if you don't feel well or you really don't want to go to the parks you won't be charged. these tickets are good indefinitely. So if you get the 7-day hp but are only at the theme parks on 5 days and the water parks 2 days - if you don't go to the theme parks on the days that you go to the water parks - you will still have 2 days of theme parks, and 2 more options left over that you can use another year.

the prices are on this web-site when I find it I will post you a link.
SpiceyCat, DQ is also on PAP. In regards to SPaneK questions:

1. Yes, you would need 2 UMPs. UMPs are tied to the resort you are staying at, and only good for the time you are there (from check in to midnight of the day you check out). However, you can drop a day or 2 on each. For instance, you can get UMP's for WL to last from 5/2-4. Then, get one from OKW to last from 5/5 (dropping the first day) lasting until either 5/10 or 11. To do this, you must order the tickets there.

2. There is no such thing as can't, but it wouldn't be legal.

3. How often will you be doing the water parks? I would suggest getting the prices (a good place for that would be www.wdwig.com - deb's place) and pricing them out seperately. Check out the difference in price between UMP's (2 of them) vs. AP's with individual water parks (and Disney Quest) vs. 7 day park hopper plus (with your husband maybe only getting a 5 day plus) plus the cost of DQ. Only you can say what you think you will want to do. For us, we have only done the UMP's one time, when all the water parks were open (I don't do Pleasure Island) and my son wanted to do DQ. Perhaps a combination might be best, such as a UMP at WL, do the water parks and DQ then, and then use Park Hoppers (regular or plus) for the rest of the time.

Enjoy your trip.


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