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    Aug 24, 1999
    Hi, I was over reading a thread on LP about the new Pooh ride....this is out of context but I just enjoyed reading it and thought that i would share.....

    This, you see, is what I have discovered about this whole discussion board on the internet thing. Not picking on you at all, MNG, you just handed me a good jumping off-point. Listen, ye who have ears to hear or computer screens to read, I feel a SERMON coming on, whoop, Hallelujah!

    We, sisters and brothers, are getting lumped. Look around you and behold the truth. We do NOT have just two sides or two parties or two anything on these boards. We have a couple hundred, perhaps a thousand, different opinions, all complex and all being expressed, each according to his own typing and linguistic ability.

    MY opinion is that they generally should NOT copy rides from one park to another. Therefore, under no circumstances would I ever be heard making the gripe described by Brother MNG above.

    Furthermore, my friends, my second opinion is that if they DO copy a ride, it should be an improvement over the earlier iterations, simply because that makes good promotional and business sense in the entertainment industry. There are far too many good NEW ideas at all budget levels to do an inferior retread of an old one.

    My third opinion is that I agree with Brother MNG's "bottom line," and my fourth opinion is that DL Pooh is a poor effort by any standard other than that boat ride at Six Flags St. Louis (and apparently it fell in, coz it ain't on their website no more).

    But, my friends, my fellow Disney followers, my fellow LPers, those are MY opinions. I speak for no parties, coalitions, movements, angry mobs, corporations, bridge clubs, nonprofit organizations, websites, religions, races, or nationalities. I speak for Narkspud's Omnipotent People's Democratic Dictatorship, total population 1. My opinions will be disagreed with, at least slightly, by any who come across them. But I take no discomfort at this prospect, for this, my firends, is what gives us the ability to DISCUSS things on this discussion board, without becoming as drowsy as you no doubt are getting while reading this heartfelt but lengthy rant, I mean sermon.

    I ask, oh fellow netizens, that we all put our heads and our hearts together and speak never more of predicting or assuming mass behaviors or opinions or dislikes or bashes. I have a dream of us LPers vociferously debating the merits or demerits of Pooh, TOT, or any other subject even until our fingers bleed on our keyboards, without ever again accusing our fellow LPers of being enslaved by a party line or a supposed "stereotypical" viewpoint.

    Yea, I know that there will be those who will decry and denounce ALL things Disney, and those who will paint Disney on a cardboard box and sing Glory Hallelujah. There will be those who will bespeak with wondering voices the prophecies of Al Lutz, and those who will wish he'd take a flying leap off the top of the Maliboomer.

    But let us nevertheless acknowledge each person's individuality and entitlement to those opinions even as we preserve and defend our own!

    Lead us not into lumptation, but let us celebrate our differences, and brawl over them in the spirit of charity, goodwill, and mutual respect.

    Let us look beyond the past, its perceived patterns and alliances, its squabbles and strife, and its archived records of anyone's, yea even our own erroneous ways, caused by ignorance, misinformation, youthful indiscression or just being really ticked off.

    Let us give all our fellow LPers the benefit of the doubt, accepting their clarifications and retractions at face value, and their opinions as having been thought out by intelligent, sentient beings, even if it may not look like it to us at the time.

    Let us not jump to conclusions. Let us acknowledge that feelings can be hurt and tempers can flare. Let us be slow to anger at those who disagree, assuming the best despite perceiving evidence of the worst. Let us treat with serious consideration the submit button, and always ponder the alternative of closing the browser window and leaving unsent that which could cause hurtful feelings or wasted bandwidth.

    Let us all unite in discussing Disney, and not each other.

    Can I get an Amen?

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