Pulled the trigger!!!!!


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Jul 24, 2002
After an impromtu trip this weekend, and a horrible stay at CBR, my wife and I decided to take the plunge!!! We went ahead and bought 150 pts at BCV.

I think the first night at CBR helped my wife decide that "moderate" resorts were not the place for us... We're spoiled after 2 trips to WL and VWL. She said if we couldn't afford DVC, we weren't coming back... We've already got cash ressies at OKW Labor Day but I intend on being on the phone for October ressies during Food and Wine Festival bright and early.
Congratulations and WELCOME HOME!

Good luck on Monday. Hope you get the ressies!

Eww, call your guide ASAP, because I think there is availability at OKW for Labor Day weekend!! Your guide can work it so you can use your points by then!
OHH!! call your guide ASAP, because I think there is availability at OKW for Labor Day weekend!! Your guide can work it so you can use your points by then!

Welcome Home! I'm dying to know, though, what was so bad about CBR that you joined DVC right then? We haven't stayed there in about 5 years, so I'm curious!
Congratulations and Welcome Home !!!!!!

We've been in either the WL or VWL onsite or paid $70-80 off site at Buena vista overthe last year in 6 trips. I have a points type incentive card that can be used like a VISA at Disney among other vendors so I use dit for all my Disney ressies in the past. I didn't want to kill a bunch of points off it for this past weekend so we decided to try a "moderate" resort and chose CBR because we wanted to stay down towards MGM/EPCOT/Boardwalk area and thought we would like the theme and the spread out villages. The biggest thing was the noise. The walls must be tissue and the rooms open outside instead of an interior hall so you hear EVERYTHING! We were also on the ground floor. I know kids will be kids but parents should be parents too. I think it quieted down close to 1:00AM. Then at 5:30, the toilets above us started flushing. They must have taken them off planes because they sound like they shoot 100lbs of air through them. They went constantly for 2 hrs. The room on one side of us had a DO NOT Dist sign so there were not many rooms causing all this noise. Ther also are no hairdryers or irons in the room. If you call house keeping they will get you one in a 1-4 hr period. My wifes hair had dried on its own before it got there. They her if she could re-wet it? Also our non smoking room had obviously been violated recently by a smoker but by then we really didnt feel like standing in the line again to check in that we had waited in for 45 min earlier. I have never seen a line at WL in the entire nine days at any time of the day or night that I've stayed there. My guide told me that all DVC resorts had thicker walls and thicker or double windows or something like that. We had been considering DVC since last Labor Day but I didn't want to jump into it. After being in the forum here, I'd pretty much decided to do it but this weekend was the icing on the cake.

I didn get ressie in both late OCT and early Dec at OKW one a studio the other a 1BR. I'm on the waitlist for BWV or BCV for the OCT though because we want to go to EPCOT for food and wine:).
I don't want to cancel Labor day there though because I used that points VISA card and it won't "really" cost $$$. It's just low now after the 2 BR at VWL last month for 3 nights.
Sorry, fat fingers. I do have the ressies. I hit the "n" by mistake.

Far as incentives, other than backdating the use year 6 months to March and offering MB(which I didnt take) there really aren't any other than a cool backpack. They claim to be %40+ sold out so why should they? Said the next resort at Disney institute was 2 years out.


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