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Discussion in 'Disneyland (California)' started by trekkie2, Aug 15, 2007.

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    Sorry, I know this info is already on the board, however I can't get to search to cough it up for me. We are traveling in January and want to make reservations for several of the DTD restaurants as well as POC. can anyone tell me how far in advance I can make reservations and what number to call. We want to eat at Rainforest cafe, House of Blues, and Tortilla Joe's.

    Also, We are interested in going the river side seating for Fantasmic, can someone tell me how that works and where and when to call. Our visit dates will be 1/26/08 to 2/2/08 (sat through sat) I have heard that the fireworks and fantasmic only run on the weekends, does Friday count as a weekend? We were hoping to do the park Tues through Friday and Seaworld and universal on Sun and Mon.

    I could never get this trip planned without all of you, thanks SO much!
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    For PS: (714) 781-DINE (3463)

    I don't know about Rainforest and those other DTD places, but I know from experience that character dining and POTC/Blue Bayou can be reserved through that number.

    But with DL, you reserve only 60 days out (or, in my case, 40 days).
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    ok as far as your PS's DLD will make all of them for you except have to call them directly in order to make a ressie....and I would do it around Nov...they book up fast...although the time you are going you might luck far as Fantasmic goes....usually during that time of year they show F! on Sat and Sun nights only ....twice nightly...usually 9 and again at 10pm...I am more than a Fantasmic connoisseur I am a pro:rotfl: seriously though, this is what I suggest you do...if you are going to book the riverside book it for the 9 pm so you can stay and watch the have to call exactly 30 days from the day your going to watch it and they open at 8am make sure you call at 8am...then on the day your going to see it...make sure you are over by the check in podium (which is on the left side of the rivers of american right down by the churro cart) at least by 5pm no later...I found out the hard way on that one...because your seating is based upon first come first serve at check if you want to pick your seats you better be there early...people will tell you to go about 6 or so but trust me on this one...dont listen to them...if you get there and no one is in line waiting then:cheer2: you get first pick so no worries...but if your not then forget it...they will take down your name and you tell them where you want to sit and they will instruct you to come back about 30-45 min before showtime...I was lucky because I was told they opened the check in at around 6:30 and I showed up at 6 and people had already been checking in for almost an hour and there was only 2 people in my party so I was able to sit up front but not in the seats I had really heed me well my friend;)

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