Problems Renting With Scooterbug


Earning My Ears
Jan 16, 2015
I rented my ECV with scooterbug this past week 3/13 through 3/19, and I had a problem with a bad battery. I used the scooter thoughout the week without issue. On my last night there, I had the battery charge well in the green zone before going to bed, and when I got up that morning I plugged it in at about 4:45 a.m. to begin charging again. It had about 3 1/2 hours or more to charge. It was our last morning there and we wanted to get checked out of our hotel and get to the park fairly early to beat the crowd. Something messed up with the battery because when we unplugged it, it beeped at us and showed it was in the red zone. We called customer service. We talked to the after hours rep and waited about 15 minutes for a return call from a tech. The battery beeped when it came on, and initially would not move and appeared all the way in the red zone like it was about to fail. Later it did have some charge, and would move a little, but was still in the red zone, I just did not know when it was going to die. The tech said we would have to wait between and hour and an hour and a half for him to come to our resort to help us fix it.

When I called in initially to make my reservation, I spoke at length to a customer service rep at scooterbug and the reason I rented with them is because the customer service rep assured me they were one of only a few companies that were authorized to go into the parks and if the scooter broke down in the parks they could go retrieve it, and many companies were not allowed to do that. When we were speaking to the tech on the phone, we told him it had a bit of charge, and we asked him if we could just get it on the bus, at meet him at the main gate of Magic Kingdom, since it would really delay us if we had to wait and hour and a half or more for him and then longer to catch another bus for magic kingdom etc, it would just make more sense to meet him there. He told us that it was against company policy that they were not allowed to go into the parks at that he would have to meet us at the hotel. At this point I was steaming mad. I was just thinking, what would have happened if I had broke down in the park--I wouldn't have had the strength or ability to push the thing out of the park. And that is exactly the opposite of what I was told on the phone when I was vetting the company and one of the main reasons I rented with them. So buyer beware if you rent from this company---

The customer service reps will tell you one thing and the techs who you actually will have to rely on to help you if you vehicle breaks down will tell you something completely opposite.
I didn't actually have time then to call in and complain to the company, but now that I'm home I plan on making sure that they are aware that their techs are not willing to go into the parks, contrary to what their CSR's are telling people on the phones.

I did ultimately get the ECV switched out for another, but the inconvenience factor and the lying by the company did not set well with me. If I go back, I might rent with a different company next time.

On the other hand, the ECVs they rented were on the nicer side of the ones rented by other companies and were not all that expensive, all things considered.

I was just left with a not pleasant feeling from the company all around, so, I don't know, it's hard to overcome that.
Customer Service was wrong. Anyone with a ticket can enter a park, and it's extremely likely that each and every equipment rental company has some employees with annual passes - exchanging faulty ECVs is a cost of doing business.

The only restriction I'm aware of is that only "featured companies" are allowed to use Bell Services as a drop-off.


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