Hi all...

I am living in istanbul,TURKEY.
I've just make a reservation in 4 points sheraton lakeside by Dreamsres. I want to stay 1 night in miami. The question is;
Can I bid from priceline foe 1 night accomodation in miami. (when creating a profile there is no country field)
I need your help... Or where can I find this information? It is not written in the priceline's help...
Kind Regards,
Bulent Baki
you can try looking on their website for a customer service phone number. I guess they would have one available on there somewhere because I know most companies have one posted on their site.

If you can get ahold of a customer service person over the phone, you can let let them know you are trying to create a profile online so you can bid for a night's stay in Miami but there is no listing for your country.

I think they will be able to help you out by letting you know what you need to input (in your case) so you can go on ahead and bid for your room.

I found 2 customer service phone numbers for priceline: they are 1-800-774-2354 and 1-800-657-9168. An e-mail I located for them is

I hope this helps and you are able to make contact. Have a nice vacation!

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I 've send a mail to priceline and they sent me a reply that they are very sorry but I can not use priceline outside of US and Canada.

So I purchased a room from hotwire.
Summerfield Suites Airport Hotel for 51 $ (including tax). This is a nice place..Normal price is around 90-120 $. So it is a good deal I think.
Thanx again.
after getting in touch with them but glad to hear you were able to find a room through hotwire instead. I hope you have a nice time.


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