preferred rooms at por alligator bayou


Feb 9, 2006
just wondering, is it worth paying extra for a preferred room at por alligator bayou, are these rooms closer to the bus stops or come with water views?
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The 'preferred' view rooms at POR-AB will get you a view of either a quiet pool or the waterway. I paid for one just one time and got a quiet pool view. Now, we always keep our drapes drawn because we really don't like people peeking in as they walk by. So, the view really doesn't matter. I no longer pay for a special view at any of the values or moderates. But I love of my favorites!!
Slightly of topic i know, but we are coming to POR for our first onsite disney visit from the uk this week, my wife wont go anywhere without the iron and hairdryer - do you know if the rooms at POR are equipped with an iron and hair dryer would leave a bit of extra room in the case for more souvenirs if we didnt need to bring them with us

Cant wait to get there heard so many good things about POR
POR only has the option of paying extra for water view or king bed rooms. This will not get you a closer building to the food court etc. Haidryers are in rooms as re irons and ironing boards and coffe makers and coffee, sugar whitener which is replaced daily.

I will actually pay for water view because I think its more magical stepping outsde the room to a view of the river with ferryboat. Once we stayed standard and the view from outside the room was parking lot:headache: If you request building 14 the water view rooms are much closer to the food court.

I personally don't think the extra money is worth it at this resort. Especially in the alligator bayou where the vegetation is so lush. Depending on when you are going to can always book a standard room and request water view or close to the pool or close to the main building. If they are not busy they will probably accomodate at least 1 of your request.
in reponse to Burt's question

I stayed at Port orlean's riverside (mansion section) last year, the rooms are equipped with hair dryer, iron, ironing board, safe, coffee maker and a fridge.

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