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Mar 5, 2001
What is the preferred night to dine at Palos? I can't decided whether to try and book for the night in Nassau so we can look at the lights of Nassau while we dine or the last night since it will be a repeat. If I do the Nassau night I will probably "double-dip" since we have early seating, but I also don't want to miss the Tropical deck party. What have previous cruisers found works best?
Just back from the Disney Wonder, and as always, we ate at Palo on Parrot Cay night. That's typically the last night of the cruise for us...we always end up on the TAP rotation. I don't choose it because of the night, but rather because Parrot Cay is my least favorite restaurant. If you are on that rotation and want to double dip, be sure to catch the matinee of Disney DON'T want to miss it!
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What is the best night to go to Palo on the 7-day? Any recommendations? With a teenager, I'm thinking we will have a PLA rotation... but that's just a guess.


For the 7-day, we judged by menu rather than location and did Tropical Night (that was the menu I was least enthusiastic about on that cruise). I definitely WOULD NOT miss the formal dinners...they were excellent!
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Barb, how do know when Tropical Night is for example? Is it Tropical at ALL three restaurants on the same night? We want to book Palo's on our next cruise and really don't know how they rotate on the 7 day compared to the 4 day. On the 4 day we always do it on the last night. Any suggestions and/or help??
Yes tropical night is the same night in all three restaurants (it's the evening you are in St. Martin, which is Tuesday).

We have an 11 year old and we had LAPLAPL, so don't be so sure which rotation you'll get.

As far as the original question, we went on our second night in AP, but unfortunately, they didn't have the show there the first night because it was formal night (Sunday). My recommendation would be to check out all the menus and pick the one you like the least. For us, that would be Parrot Cay during the regular menu.

Hope this helps.


12-8-01 Magic
I agree with Buzz, check out the menus and see which one you can do without. On our last 3 day cruise we enjoyed Parrot Cay the most so we have to do that. I dont want to miss out on the chance to dress up, so I wont miss Tritons either. That leaves Animators Pallet, our least favorite, to skip for Palos.
I agree, look at the menus. We are going on a 3-day cruise in September and we will be going to Palo on the night we are scheduled for Tritons, since that was our least favorite when we were on the 7 day cruise. Notice that if we were assigned to the same table as Barb (inkkognito) and CamColt, then there would not be a single night that all three of us would be there together, so you can see that there can't really be one answer that would be considered the "best".


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