Pre-Trip Report(14) - Power of Connection


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Dec 29, 2010
Pre-Trip Report - 14 days to go before our split stay at BLT and BWV in a two bedroom suite.

The Disney Files magazine arrived yesterday. The magazine opens with DVC's Senior Vice President, Claire Bilby discussing DVC's mission to connect with it's members.

Connection is a huge part of my Disney vacation and expectation. It's something I want to do more of in my daily life but especially on vacation.

Here are some ways I want to "Connect" while on vacation in two weeks:

1 - "Welcome Home" is so corny but I love it. :love: As a vacation club owner, it's more of a reality than ever before. Home should be warm and inviting. Everyone should be glad to see me come home. :) Connecting with the cast is important to me. I enjoy chatting with friendly cast members. I hope to hear "Happy Father's" day and I can reply back "You too". Remember Art the greeter at the Beach Club? DW took a picture with him one time on a solo trip. I believe he's retired now and legendary.

2. International CM's - We enjoy chatting with the International students/CM's in World Showcase. I enjoy hearing about their experience living and working at WDW in the program.

3. Being part of the show - I believe I've taken advantage of every opportunity to be part of the show. I've been the captain of the ship on the back lot tour, extra on the Indiana Jones show (proof below) and I won a tshirt answering a sports trivia question at ESPN zone. Last year, the Zita Sisters called me a "Beef Cake". I'll take that as a compliment. :lmao:

I'm the one with the biggest legs. :)

By dvc_dreamer at 2012-06-01

4. Pictures with famous characters - I still love hamming it up with the characters. Let's just get Goofy for one week of our life. Ok?

By dvc_dreamer at 2012-06-01

5. Chat with fellow vacationers - I've had some fun times chatting with others. People are very friendly and in a good mood most of the time on vacation. DW and I enjoyed a fun chat with a Canadian/Snowbird, his girlfriend (too cute) and her sister before a Off Kilter performance. They come down every winter from Canada and stay in a double wide trailer. The conversation has inspired me to consider the Snowbird lifestyle for my retirement or sooner. :)

6. Connect with the stuff - This is an older picture when kids were younger. Love how the CM's let you play with the stuff in the shops. My mom never let me do that as a kid. :rotfl2:

By dvc_dreamer at 2012-06-01

Let's take advantage of every opportunity to connect with everything that is the WDW experience !!! After all, It's A Small, Small World.


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