Poseiden's Fury Closing Down For REHAB


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Aug 17, 1999
Poseidon's Fury, the high-tech show and attraction at Island's of Adventure at Universal Orlando, is apparantly set to run its last show Sunday, April 22. "We will close it down for approximately two months," said the park's Tom Schroder. "It will receive extensive renovations, a new storyline, and much of the scenery will be modified." The water and fire effects that received the highest marks will be kept. The theme will be changed to that of guests visiting an archeological dig. "We saw a good opportunity to make this into a stronger show, and that's what you'll see in about two months," said Schroder.

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WAAAAHHH - I hate I'm going to miss that one! Does whining help? ;)

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I for one am happy that they are rethinking this.
I found special effects just wonderful but storyline weak. I think this was a great idea
It will be one of the first things I hit when I go in August(after Spiderman though)

As long as they're not completely doing away with it, and gutting the whole place, or changing the things that made it cool, I think it will be a welcome change. I'm always up for it when parks improve the rides. It's when they close them and leave them gaping holes for all to see that I'm dissapointed. (Ahem, Disney take note.)

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What a dissappointment :( This was one of my son's favorites. We arrive in Orlando 4 May so no doubt it wiil have closed by then, I guess we'll just have to go on spiderman an extra time :D
Fear not adventurers. Poseidon's Fury may be going away but the best effects in the show are not, the water vortex, cartouche door and fire effects will be staying. The rooms inside will be redressed and some effects will be inhanced but nothing is being majorly structurally changed. The transformation effect will also remain in the show, thankfully. The story line is being completely redone, with some new characters and everything. I'm actually looking forward to it, so far it sounds like it has alot more action in it than the original version did.
When is the show supposed to open back up? Does anyone think that it will be open from July 1-12? I can plan my IOA day accordingly if so.

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Actually, the last show ran on April 21st (Sat.)

Construction fencing goes up tonight.

TENTATIVE plans call for a soft opening in late June.

The sign out front states July, 2001.
Do you think they will be changing the film at all??? That seems like a huge undertaking!


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Yes the film for the most part is being redone for the new show in Poseidon's Fury. Some of the background is being kept but the rest of the film is gettin the ol redo.


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