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Oct 30, 2006
I'll be going to Tokyo in May and will need a portable wi-fi for about 11 days. There seems to be so many options regarding date usage and etc that I'm very confused. Here's the basics of what I need or have concerns about:

*I will be vlogging throughout the day. What I would like to do is record a short video then post to Facebook right away. I may post up to 20 times a day. I use FB for most of my communication to friends/family.

*I fly into Narita at 4pm and I think the last shuttle to TDR is at 6pm. I'm worried about having enough time to get through customs, collect my bags and pick up the wi-fi to get to the shuttle. I saw a few companies that will ship the portable wi-fi to the hotel. I'll be staying at the Hilton Tokyo Bay. Is this a good idea? Or would I have enough time to pick up the wi-fi at the airport?

*Which companies would be the best to rent one from?

Any advice/suggestions would be greatly appreciated!


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Dec 3, 2007
Go with Japan-wireless.com. Very easy to use. You can pick up at airport or have delivered to your hotel. Reasonable prices. Extra battery included. Truly unlimited data.

Hard to say if you’ll have enough time or not. Just depends on how busy customs and immigration are.


Nov 26, 2014
We rented from Japan Wifi Buddy and got the Diamond plan for 14 days: https://www.japanwifibuddy.com/buddies/diamond

We had it delivered to our hotel to avoid any potential delays in pick up at the airport. It was there waiting for us at the hotel on check-in. Assuming your flight lands on time, I don't think it would be a problem to get it at the airport but if you're taking the bus, I don't see any reason you'd need it before getting to the hotel. There's free wifi at the airport if you need to information when you land.

In our case, we landed at 1:40 and were able to get through immigration, grab our bags, get cash from an ATM, send one of our bags forward to Kyoto using the Takuhaibin, buy Kesei Skyliner tickets and then get on a 3:24 train, and that was with wrangling two kids and my husband using a cane and air cast that slowed us down.

The WiFi worked great throughout the entire country and we just dropped it in the mail box at the airport in the prepaid envelope at the end of the trip.


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