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Discussion in 'Disney Resorts' started by goofymom/pop, Apr 18, 2004.

  1. goofymom/pop

    goofymom/pop <font color=deeppink>oh where oh where can the tag

    Jan 2, 2001
    What is the number to call a few days out to request a bldg.?

    What is the best bldg?

    Anything else fun about the resort you want to share.

    We leave on the 13th for a long weekend and I cannot wait.

  2. Disney753

    Disney753 Mouseketeer

    Jan 11, 2000
    Usually we fax our request a few days out. I have always had good luck doing this like 2 days before. Some people say it did not help them but as I said for me it works. The phone number for regular calls is 407-938-3000. I am sorry I cant remember the fax number.
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  4. jobanana

    jobanana Mouseketeer

    Jan 14, 2004
    I called 3 days before I arrived and requested a non- smoking room and to be close to my friend who was going at the same time. They took my info and told me there was no garuntee they could fill them. When I checked in I got what I asked for and my friend and I even had adjoining rooms. I called late at night to make my request. They are less busy then and more apt. to help. Have fun. My 4 year old loved it.
  5. iwannabeminnie

    iwannabeminnie <font color=blue>It's a world of laughter, a world

    Nov 24, 2002
    Make sure you ask again when you check in! I have always gotten exactly what I have requested except for when we stayed at CBR in 2000. We got UPGRADED for no extra charge to a water view room with a king sized bed! WOO HOO!
  6. K & D Mickey

    K & D Mickey Mouseketeer

    Feb 7, 2004
    During our tour of Pop Century this past Feburary we decided if we stayed we would do the 50"s building. You are close to 2 pools - the main one and the 50's pool plus close to the courtyard and bus stop. We would stay in like building A Rooms 1300 ( 3rd floor closed to elevator) thru 1312.(close to stairway and to building of checkin/food court/gift shop). facing courtyard. There is 4 floors... If you ever stayed at Movies it would be like the Dalmation building but with a pool in the second batch of buildings. and then no building past the 50's like at the movies there is the mighty ducks. ( be more like toy Story but on the otherside of the main building.) All the different buildings - eras play music in the courtyards.
    Hope that helps in planning!!

    Ps 1st floor would be 1100-1112 * non smoking were displayed*
    2nd floor 1200-1212, etc....

    Have a magical time!!
  7. QueenOfCelts

    QueenOfCelts Mouseketeer

    Dec 31, 2002
    We stayed there in February and had a great time. We had never stayed at a value before and let me just say, WOW! We were very pleased.

    The rooms are smaller like everyone says so I was prepared. The rooms were also very clean (still very new) and all of the CM's I had contact with were very friendly.

    We requested the 70's buildings and were very happy. Excellent courtyard and a short walk to main building/buses. When we went it was cold though so we didn't mind not being right near a pool although the main pool is right around the corner.

    I requested 70's again for our upcoming trip but I am sitting here right now thinking I might change it to 50's to try a different one. :scratchin

    There is a giant Baloo and Mowgli in the 60's section and Lady and Tramp in the 50's.

    We had two connecting rooms in February and only one of them was ready on time. The second one wasn't ready until well after 5 pm. We are getting two rooms again and although it's not perfect, having one is a great deal of help when you need a break. Last time the first one was ready around 1 pm.

    I made my orginal requests through CRO and I gave a gentle reminder when I checked in but there was no need. Every single request I made had been forwarded and met. :hyper: I'd say when contacting the hotel directly about requests (as I normally do), do it 3 days before arrival.

    :earsboy: :earsgirl: :earsboy:
  8. snyderla

    snyderla <font color=red>DVC Lori<br><font color=navy>DH lo

    Aug 31, 2000
    We stayed in the 70's section, room #6224, near the elevator on the second floor. It was right nest to the 60's part, and we had a nice view of the lake. Only used the elevator when checking in & out though. We had stayed at ALL Star once before, for one night when we arrived a day early for a trip. Decided then to not stay at a value resort if we didn't have to ever again. We would stay at Pop Century again, if it meant we could make a longer trip. It was really fun, and to us much better than ASMo. We wouldn't want to stay in the 80's or 90's though. Too far from everything but the parking lots. I think the only thing we didn't care for was the distance to the parks from there. It was really crowded, too. But we never waited more than 10 minutes for a bus.

    Our favorite was and is POFQ though. We love the updates! I saw where someone thought the only thing they had done was replace the carpet and sinks! I thought that was hilarious, since the sinks were obviously NOT replaced, yet everything else was! The new furniture is really nice. I can't wait to go back and stay there longer next time.
  9. *Fantasia*

    *Fantasia* <font color=royalblue>Nothing beats a nice clean-c

    Jun 3, 2000
    I didn't fax or call the resort. I simply ask the CRO to put my request upon reserving my room. When we got to the front desk, I requested where I want to be. Request granted. I guess it depends on what time you get to the resort. The kids and I usually fly in early so our chances have always been very good. They give what I ask for. :)

    Rent a surrey bike. We enjoyed biking around the ground. Well...it was kind of tiring for me, but really fun for my children (they are too young to pedal-the legs does not reach the pedal-not just yet).

    We were in the prefered bldg. 60s bldg (Playdough facing Baloo/Mowgli) on the 4th floor. You can see Spaceship Earth and at night you can see the fireworks (the high ones only).

    I think this resort is kooool!! It does bring you back from the past. You can just walk around the ground and just reminice. I think Mr and Mrs Potato Head is sooo adorable, get your pix taken there.

    You will enjoy this resort. What is so great about it is that when your room is not ready yet, they will store your bags and once your room is ready, they will automatically send the bags up there, so when you check in to your room, it will be there already, no need to call the luggage service.

    And oh... there is the iron/board there already. The only thing I see missing (comparing it from the moderate) is the coffee maker and the full restaurant and the hot tub.

    Enjoy your stay! I know we have!! I want to stay here again for our May trip, but my kids wants to try POFQ, they want to try the Doubloon Lagoon pool. I like Pop Century...It's such a happy place! :)
  10. disneyfan551

    disneyfan551 <font color=009900>mrsG551<br><font color=993300>I

    Jan 17, 2002
    *Fantasia*.... I thought there weren't irons/boards in the rooms? Did you have to request this? I would hate to bring my own and take up more space, if it's not needed!

    Thanks! :D
  11. QueenOfCelts

    QueenOfCelts Mouseketeer

    Dec 31, 2002
    I know I'm not Fantasia but I thought I would answer your question :D

    Yes, the iron and ironing board are already in the room. There is a safe also and I am about 95% percent sure I remember a hairdryer as well. DH seems to remember one too.::yes::

    :earsboy: :earsgirl: :earsboy:
  12. Karalea

    Karalea DIS Veteran

    Jan 22, 2004
    I didn't know you could rent bikes at Pop. HOW FUN!!!

    Does anyone know how much $ and for how long?

  13. MizlurksaLot

    MizlurksaLot <font color=limegreen>Sing it with me: "Nobody lik

    Mar 8, 2004
    Just curious if you can see Illuminations from building A of the 50's buildings.

    And giving this a little bump because I want to know about the surrey bikes too.
  14. cudworth

    cudworth Mouseketeer

    Mar 15, 2004
    If I remember right the bikes were 20 for a 4 seater for a half hour. You need to request a hair dryer from the front desk .

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