Polynesian Concierge Tahiti question


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Aug 17, 1999
Is there going to be a lounge? I just read on another post it will be 2 rooms serving as a lounge.

I guess I am asking......will it be nice? would you stay there during the rehab? or is it going to feel half a**ed??

thanks for the opinions !!

ps....I have stayed in Hawaii for my honeymoon and have high expectations of the Polynesian.......:smooth:
We are staying at the Poly in September. We've stayed at the Grand Floridian Concierge and wonder how the Poly will compare especially with the construction. Let's hope it will be great!
We are going down May 31 and will be in Tahiti for concierge. If you can wait until the 8th or 9th of June I am going to try and post some pictures of what concierge lounge looks like in Tahiti. We have stayed Poly concierge a few times now and also have high expectations so I am a little concerned as well.
Hopefully they will put the television in the room and have the food in the lounge area that is already there. But I think what I read about it says the opposite. Oh well ... I will post as soon as I can when we return. I wish it would hurry up and get here LOL.
I just made reservations last night for the AP rate for Polynesian Garden View Concierge. I definitely share the concerns of the other posters. They certainly are not giving discounts to reflect an ill prepared set up so I am hoping that it means we will get the same level of quality as the original Hawaii concierge guests.

DNSDisney, we will anxiously be waiting for your trip report! I will keep my fingers crossed that it is everything that you expect and more!:D

We decided to stick with the Polynesian as well, and we are paying more this year than last year. I do hope that we won't be dissapointed. I hope everyone has a GREAT experience.
We are going to be there May 31 to June 6 adn I am not too worried. We stayed at the Hawaii bldg last time and loved it but I think it will be fun to make it a little bit different. The reason I'm not worried is the staff at the concierge. They were so wonderful last time and our contact so far has been even more reassuring about their desire to make our stay as wonderful as possible. I am also one who doesn't have room requests etc. when we go, that way it works out to more of a suprise and I must say in 5 trips to Disney I have never been dissappointed. ( i also didn't want to know what our babies were before they were born so this could all be just part of my weirdness) I just don't sweat the things I can't change and trust my choices to be what I want. DNSDisney- hope to bump into you there are 5 of us me and 4 boys(husband is as much one of the boys as is possible to be and still a responsible member of society)


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