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    Apr 15, 2006
    What is a good way to figure out what is the right amount of points for our family? How long did it take you to finally get the points you need?

    We used all of them up this year on a 2br because we brought the nannies with us on the last trip. After that we are not ever going to bring help along again.

    I have had the 1 br at OKW and loved it. The studio at SSR seemed small after a week with 3 people. I think I want the 1 br for one week and then another trip down since I need to go to Disney at least 2 times a year.

    I know already that I can never have enough points and will want to add on, but what is a good way to figure out how many we really need.

    Thanks, April
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    Oct 26, 2000
    you also need to consider if you plan to make multiply trips to WDW.

    the other question how many can you afford including annual fees. You never want to go above this number.

    also if you need to stay on Fri/sat - or can you leave on Friday? if you can't leave on friday (plane tickets are sometimes cheaper to leave on Sun) - then how would you feel about leaving your DVC resort and going to a value for those last two days.

    you have to consider everything.

    also when do you go - the seasons matter alot with DVC.

    I think 300 is fine - but some people need more - while others do fine with less.

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