Pleasure Island/Dinner package?

Jennifer Wooster

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May 1, 2000
I thought I had read someone, oh where or where was it... Anyway, I thought that you could buy a dinner at Downtown Disney and Pleasure Island admission as a package and it worked out to be a discount? Does anyone know about it? Anyone know which restaurants are included, the prices and where you buy it?

I would also like to know if there is a package available. Sounds like it would be a good thing for DH and I to do one night while Nana and Pa sit with the children.
This is what I found by using the "search" function button here on the DIS. Nice feature, btw.

From ALL EARS (wdwig newsletter)
Disney is offering an entertainment and dinner
package at Pleasure Island. Packages include dinner
at one of the restaurants of your choice at Downtown
Disney and admission to Pleasure Island. For $29,
guests received an appetizer, entree, dessert, and
soft drinks at Captain Jacks, Planet Hollywood, or
Wildhorse Saloon and admission to Pleasure Island.
For $39, guests receive an appetizer, entree,
dessert, and soft drinks at Bongos, Wolfgang Puck’s,
or Rainforest Cafe and admission to Pleasure Island.
TIP: The drawback is each restaurant limits guests
to only 2-5 choices of entrees. However, gratuity
and tax is included in the price.TIP: Disney has a listing of which entrees are
available at which restaurants. Look them over
carefully before you choose a package.
TIP: Another great feature is the dinner and
admission to Pleasure Island does not have to be
used on the same night. When you think about it,
admission to Pleasure Island is $20 and dinner at
most of these restaurants with all the trimmings
is probably $20 to $40. Therefore, this can be quite a deal.
Once a package is purchased, guests have until
March 2001 to use the dinner and Pleasure Island
admission. For more information call (407) 934-7781.

Since we had planned on going to DD and knew we were eating at at least two of the places (have $100 gc for RFC and $50 for Planet Hollywood), this saves us quite a bit of money!
Follow this link for more info (including menus)
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Thanks a million. I knew I had seen it somewhere. Do you know if you are able to buy it at MK or EPCOT? We don't plan on going until later on in our trip.


nope, I don't, but, if you click on the search button on the top of this page and type in "Pleasure Island Dinner Package", you will probably find what you are looking for. :)


Offsite - 88
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I just booked my PI dinner/dancing package today for my Thanksgiving trip. For the Tier 1 package (I'm getting Wildhorse Saloon this time) it is $29 a person. If you figure it costs $16 just to get into PI (with MKC discount) you are getting a great meal for $13 a person. We had dinner at Captain Jacks last time and I believe our meal there alone would have cost $29 each and it ended up like we got into PI for free. It's such a great deal, but alot of CM don't know about it. :eek:

Is there a package for people who already have access to PI from a length of stay pass, or is it only with the PI entry included?

My husband and I will be going to DW NEXT MONTH, but we'll have a LOS that includes PI entry fees.

Thanks for any help you can give us!

Karen W2 - Oceanside, CA.
It is just as it says...a package plan, so you have to buy both the dinner and the PI admission.

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No sorry the dinner package is no longer available.We were there last month and they have stopped selling them, We were really disappointed as we had read so much about them on the boards.


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