Please read- For your security HTML code is being turned off on the boards

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    On several occasions recently we have discovered certain posters have been using HTML code in an inappropriate manner. To this point nobody has posted anything that could cause harm to anyone's computer but we have seen hidden links to commercial sites etc.

    There is a real possibility that someone skilled in HTML could post something that would cause problems with some people’s computers.
    Because the safety and security of our visitors is our foremost concern we are left with no choices, we have to turn off all HTML.

    If you look around the internet you will find we are one of the few remaining boards that allow HTML posting. These security issues are the reason why.

    BB code will be available. That means we will still be able to post links, pictures etc.

    We will see several effects from this change. Pictures that previously posted using HTML will no longer be visible. "Countdown timers" will no longer work but we have found an alternative.
    More information on these changes and the solutions can be found here:

    I would like to apologize for not being able to give more notice of this change but we decided it was too dangerous to advertise a security problem and give someone time to take advantage of it.
    If anyone wants more information on the technical issues involved please feel free to email or PM me and I can point you to some articles.
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    Aww man, this stinks!

    Totally understandable though.
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    thank you so much for doing that! the last thing i need is for my computer to be messed up! happy holidays.[​IMG]

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