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    Aug 19, 1999
    From WebmasterAlex:

    There are several issues with email notifications you need to be aware of.
    1. More and more people are using various confirmation methods to control spam such as the ones that send out a message "please reply to this email, I have a new system to reduce spam". The boards will not work with such a system and you need to turn email reply's off.
    2. The boards will not work with AOL email. This is entirely on AOL's side, I have fought with them, yelled at them, begged them and it never does any good for more than a week. At this point we have to just accept it will not work with AOL emails.
    3. Many of you have "throwaway" accounts that are over quota etc.

    In any of the above cases could you please turn off email notifications in your user control panel? You will make the boards faster for everyone!

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