PIF on Chase Card--earn 2% rewards?

Discussion in 'Disney Rewards Programs' started by MamaBear58, Mar 13, 2017.

  1. MamaBear58

    MamaBear58 DIS Veteran

    Feb 2, 2014
    I booked through a Travel Agent, not Disney. But my deposit (used a different card) showed up as a direct charge to Disney.

    I'm trying to figure out whether it makes sense to put the large balance due on the PIF date on my Chase Card to earn Disney Rewards? Does anyone know if that's considered a Disney expense that earns 2%?

  2. lanejudy

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    Oct 27, 2011
    Assuming you have the Disney Visa Premier card, yes, that should give you 2% rewards; if you only have the regular card, it's 1% rewards. If it is a package (vs room-only or separate ticket purchase), it should also qualify for the 0% interest for 6 months. Depending when your PIF date is and when your statement date is, you should be able to grab those reward points for spending on vacation.

    Enjoy your vacation!

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