Pics from my play! (as promised)


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Mar 6, 2001
Hey! I finally got some pics from my play! They aren't very good, b/c i dont have a scanner and had to use pics formt he school web site... here're r a few![] This is the whole cast during curtain calls... I am all the way on the right and I have a pink dress and I have a feather mask...
This one isnt of me but I like the pic... This one is of "Maise" and "Bobby" during there dance number, "Won't you Charleston With Me" "Maise" is in Mid-flip

Well that's all for now... There aren't many good pics... Hope u like um! Bye!
Oh great! the pics didn't show up.... Did I do it right? I just copied and pasted....
You can't just copy and paste them. You have to upload them to a site and then you have to put [*img] then the name of pictures location [*/img] without the stars.
yeah its kinda a pain and now that the DIS sites arent working :rolleyes:

im not sure where to go to upload pics now
Awww......I really wanted to see!! :(

I think (and I'm the last person who should be giving out technical advice :rolleyes: ), that if you already have the pictures on your school's website, you should right-click on them and choose properties, then copy the address, and paste it here, between <IMG> and </IMG>, but changing the <>s to []s. If I haven't confused you beyond all belief, that should work.

Fingers crossed.......
back to my message.. my mom might know u is ur mom name Lisa?? just try to private message me~!


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