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Sep 12, 1999

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Very nice!!!! Can't wait to get ours...hopefully the end of April!!! Think I saw it on the IRV2 boards too!!!

I just love the slide outs!!! When you go from no slide to a super slide it is soooooo great -- soooo much more room. :)
Now that you teased us with a pic of the outside how about pics of the inside??????????? :D


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Nice picture...I want to see the inside too! We have a popup and have been talking about going to a travel trailer for the past couple of years. I'm jealous! :) LOL!!!

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Oooooh! That looks really nice! I think I could put about 3 of my popups inside of there! LOL! Hope you get many years of enjoyment out of it!

- Rhonda :-)
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It must be so nice to have the extra room. I'd love a slide out but we're really limited on how much weight we can haul.

Congradulations Scott!

We are in the market for a new camper too. We also love the Fleetwood line. We are currently looking at the Terry Lite's. I'll keep you posted! :D

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Hey "Camper"...don't forget, if you are a Van or SUV camper, you can always move up from the Pop-ups to the new Hybrid campers.

We just bumped up to a 23 foot Trail-lite hybrid (which has beds that pop out the front and back ends but has rigid walls unlike a pop-up. We had a 17 foot before that weighed with options only about 2200 lbs. Talk about convenient. When you get to the campsite, if it is raining a little, just hang out in your Hybrid till the weather is nice, then set up.

You get bigger bathrooms, more storage, longer camper, all for about the same weight as a popup.

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