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Jan 7, 2014
Hello all,

JUST booked our first visit to DLP for 4 years and wanted to ask a question.

PhotoPass+ this was just coming in around the time we last visited. How is this service now? Is it reliable? I remember originally seeing some people mention that they were getting the wrong pictures on their card..... And other than the rides themselves, where else do you find the photographers? Do you get any in the character meals?

Experiences very welcome! Thank you!

C x


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Feb 5, 2012
Only with indoor meet & greets you are guaranteed a photographer and the ride pictures.

Roaming photographers or at landmarks are extremely rare. I think at the princess lunch/dinner you still get 1 picture with Cinderella before seating, but I havent done this for a long time.

For reliability, I don't think it is better or worse than in the US parks.

In my opinion it is not worth it and only use it as it comes with my annual pass.

Several edits, maybe i should review above ;)
*edit* I just arrived in the park and there is a photographer at the beginning of Main Street.

*edit 2* they are still testing Magic photos in Adventureland, 1400 near Hakuna Matata.

Edit 3* they have the photographers from earlier today going around the AP VIP section for the parade to take photopass pictures with the castle in the background.
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Feb 3, 2016
Congratulations @Karin1984, looks like you found all the PhotoPass photographers.

Just kidding, though, to be honest, the number of photographers is usually very low… I can share the excitement whenever I see one somewhere! We have PhotoPass included with our AP, would gladly decline if possible to get a lower price. PP is such a joke here, compared to DLR/WDW. (Hope it will change, though not likely in the coming months.)


Jun 27, 2011
We dined at Auberge de Cendrillon last month and you don't get the photo with Cinderella before you go in anymore. No photographer there at all but we took lots of photos ourselves.

The annual Photopass+ has been well worth it for us though - 3 trips with our APs and hundreds of ride and character photos in all. We did the Hakuna Matata photo opp last month - really great! We also had photos taken at the gazebo one day and there was a roaming photographer before the parade who took photos of us with a 'Best Day Ever' board. The service is improving so I'll definitely buy again with my next AP but I'm not sure I would for a single trip.

(We had photopass pics with Mickey outside Phantom Manor, and the characters at Toon Studio.)


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May 18, 2010
When we were there last month there was a photographer going around before the parade taking pictures of people with a sign saying "best disney day ever." Then we got pictures on Buzz Lightyear and Pirates. Also saw Winnie the pooh, Frontierland Mickey, Paris Minnie, Chip and Dale and the characters in the hotels each morning with a photographer.


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