Pcc 4.0 bunco


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Oct 28, 2006
Tobi and Carol- thanks so much for organizing this event!!

Neither John nor I had ever played before- but we both enjoyed this so much!
I heard at one table that it was like speed dating! :rotfl:
Loved moving around and meeting so many new people- even if only for a few minutes.

Another wonderful event I would love to see repeated on a future cruise!

Thanks again! :hippie:
You are so welcome! The only thing Carol & I realized was, because we were running things, we didn't get to join in on the chatting & getting to know folks! But I'm so glad it worked for everyone else, and you all seemed to enjoy it! :lovestruc

That was me. Sadly, there weren't any other gay men playing, so I'm still single. :confused3
:rotfl: Sorry! There was only so much we could provide... ;)


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It's a great day to be alive!
Feb 11, 2008
So glad everyone had fun at Bunco.

This morning I mailed a check for $150 to Give Kids the World. This is the amount of money we raised. :cheer2:

Thank you again to all who got up so early. I hope we have the opportunity to enjoy each other's company in the future.

It's a great day to be alive!!!