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Mar 13, 2001
Hi Experts,

We booked our next USF for April 4-7. I could not book the HRH for three nights, so we are staying at the PBH one night and then HRH two nights. Will the hotel transfer our bags or do we have to take them. We wont have a car, so we will be walking or taking the bus over. All the standard room were sold out, booked Deluxe Room at PBH with the Ent rate of $150 for Thurs night and booked Fri and Sat at the HRH Deluxe Room at the AP rate of $195, OUCH. But hey, you only live once.

We cant wait to check out Mardi Gras. I hope that someone good will be in concert April 6.


I was waiting for the bus that goes between hotels and it never came (at least after 40 minutes). We went up to the bellmen and the HRH and told them what happened. They drove us to the PBH in a minivan. As we entered the PBH drive we finally saw the bus. If they did that for us, I think they could bring you over to the PBH with your luggage. They were very accomodating.


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