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Mar 9, 2001
Has anyone bought the new passporter 2001? I have been to bookstores and they don't have them. I know you can order on line but I wanted to avoid the mail. Anywhere to find them? Have checked Barnes/Noble and Waldens with no luck. Also are they worth the price?
I had never seen one before, I found out about the Passporter on this site. I called around and "Hastings" had the 2000 but could order 2001. Not sure if this store is all over the US. It is a record, video and book store. But it was cheaper to order it directly from Passporter. (Even after they added shipping.) I called and ordered mine over the phone. Ordered on Monday got it before the end of the week. This is a great company. They even sent me an e mail to let me know it had been shipped. Also sent and e mail to make sure I had gotten it. WONDERFUL--GREAT--INFORMATIONAL BOOK. I love mine.
Another thumbs up for Passporter 2001. I received mine a couple of weeks ago and can hardly put it down. We have taken 2 trips within the past year and there are tons of stuff I wish I would have known. Oh well, June is on it's way. Order with confidence, you will enjoy this.



What is different about Passporter than the usual Burnbaum type planning books?
Got mine a couple of weeks ago. Ordered on-line on Monday and r'cvd it Wednesday. It is very nice, we have already started filling it with tickets, passes, schedules, etc. They are extrememly customer focused with confirmation and follow-up emails. Thinking of ordering a few of the pass-holder lanyards for our large group going in May as a little surprise for the others in our party.

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I bought mine from Walden's bookstore in our local mall. I also know that The Little Professor Bookstore carries them at well. I do know that if the Little Professor does not have them in stock they will order it for you and it takes less than a week.

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and tried over last weekend to find it at Waldenbooks. They only had the 2000 and tried to tell me the 2001 was not out yet. So I came home and ordered online on Saturday. This is Thurs morning and I have not received it yet but I'm anxiously waiting. It ended up costing me $18.95 (that's with shipping).


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