Part 7: Final Thoughts


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Aug 29, 1999
Final thoughts

Unlike previous vacations we didn’t hurry in the morning and didn’t concern ourselves with how many rides we went on or shows we saw. From now on we’re not going to make the parks our only entertainment. We enjoyed backgammon and beer at the Thirsty Fish and screaming down the Portofino pool slide every bit as much as the Hulk and MIB. Spend as much time enjoying the people you’re with as you do the rides.
I can’t wait until our next family vacation!

Bring your reservation conformation papers with you. When we returned our rental car they had overcharged us. Because I had my paperwork with me they credited my credit card on the spot (and were very nice about it).

If you can get a good deal, rent a car at the airport and join their special card program. Avis was wonderful to deal with and it saved us time and hassles.
I am sorry, Renee, your reports are ending. I hope you will be posting some of the pictures! :) You give good advice. I hope DH and I enjoy being alone together as much as you and Pat did. :) Mahalo for sharing your trip.
Very good trip reports! I really enjoyed reading them and found them very informative, we also loved the Protifino/Universal.
Thank you Renee! I enjoyed reading every part of your trip reports. We did a family trip in Dec. After reading your reports I am soooo looking forward to touring these parks and enjoying the restaurants in March just as adults! Sounds like you enjoyed it fully. Thanks again for all the details. :)



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