Parkhopper passes- can you sell unused days?


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Feb 15, 2001
I have 3 seven-day parkhopper children's passes
with 2 days left on them that expire in May. Can
I go somewhere in Orlando to sell them? How would
they know how many days are left on them and do I
need some kind of identification/receipt? Got
them from friends that just came back and did not
use them all 7 days. They were sure there was
someplace that would buy them. Thanks for your
Hi tylerandjennasmom, and welcome to the DIS.
I was under the understanding that park hoppers never expire. You can hang on to them for whenever you can use them. I've never heard of a place that will buy them back.
I might be interested if you e-mail me. Although, I don't even know if they're transferable. Can someone verify this?

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I don't think it is legal in Disney's eyes. But there are a bunch of passes for sale on ebay.

Technically, they are non-transferable. With that said, people do sell them on E-bay. There is no way to tell how many days are left by looking at the pass, the only way to tell is to run it through the machine at a park gate.

In addition, hopper passes do not expire. The only kind of passes that expire are annual passes or Florida resident seasonal passes, which are good for 1 year from date of first use.


I am going to disney on a verrrrrryyy limited budget. If you would want to sell them, I may be interested. Please email me at and I will contact you immediatelly. Thank you, Danno

Some promo passes actually do expire. Or, some that come with all inclusive discount packages.
Our bank teller gave Dee and I one day passes with an expiration day on the back.
We also once received a one day hopper comp. (only available through the resorts) and it had an expiration day 6 days later.
As to selling them, read the back of it, it pretty much sums up Disney's thoughts on the idea.


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