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    I'm new to posting on here (but I stalk all your wonderful boards for tips for our upcoming Disney World trip in April 2013!), so I apologize if this question should be asked somewhere else. I was wondering when Disney typically releases the officially park hours? We are nearing the 180 day mark in about 2 weeks for ADRs and I wasn't sure if the hours would be released before then. We're staying outside the park and I'd like avoid parks with EMH if possible.

    I also had a question about the parks reaching capacity. We are going the second week in April (Spring Break) which I know isn't ideal as far as crowds. But my in-laws are paying for our accommodations and we're happy to be taking our 2 year son. I've tried to plan the park days according to crowd calendars so we can avoid the most crowded parks, but I have heard that it isn't uncommon for the parks (MK) to close during peak times. We were planning on leaving midday to give our son, the other 2 little ones traveling in our group and ourselves a break midday. Is it really likely we won't be readmitted???
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    You'd probably get more responses to this question over on the theme parks board:
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    I've only ever been in the parks at capacity once, and that was around Christmas time in MK. We have gone around the April time frame (many a Spring Break) many times before and while the parks are ridiculously crowded, I've never had a problem with re-admittance or capacity being reached. That said, things change and we might've been lucky!
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    Spring Break week is not a single, consistent week across the United States.

    Many school districts base their Spring Break around Easter. In 2013, Easter Sunday will be March 31. So the last of March and the first week of April will be busy weeks at WDW in 2013.

    Other school districts schedule their Spring Breaks to fall in a logical spot of the academic calendar. This usually means some time around mid- to late-March.

    By the second week of April, most Spring Breaks will be over. The parks will still be well-atteneded because it's a great time of year to go to WDW, but they won't be overrun with Spring Break crowds.

    The parks will not close due to reaching capacity. That rarely happens at all, and then typically only around Christmas and New Years.

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