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Jan 9, 2001
I've tried doing a search for this information, but I see conflicting information.

We are staying at HRH March 1st & 2nd. I am interested in getting my kids to ride on a float for the Mardi Gras parade.

We are planning to go to USF on Thursday. What time does the park close? The official website only has times through February. I was figuring 6pm based on previous information I've read, but now I see some have said the parade starts at 8pm????

How do we get tickets to be float riders? Do we ask at the front desk of the hotel, at guest services at the park???
At a quick glance at the hours I have (supposedly official, but of course subject to change), it appears USF will be open until 7pm (weekdays except this week 8pm) and 8pm on weekends. The parade begins immediatly at park close and the live band takes the stage after the parade finishes. I'll try to post the hours for the next several month's here and on my site later tonite.


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Thanks for that info. Does anyone know how we go about riding on a float?

Last year, there were three ways to ride a float:

1.) Be an onsite guest.
2.) Wait in the standby line.
3.) Be the first 20 people to call at 10 am if you are an annual pass holder.

I haven't heard anything about $3 yet. You can probably do #2 and maybe #1 this year.


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Try e-mailing your request to I received a mailing from UO which included an entry form (and the e-mail address) for a CHANCE to ride the Mardi Gras floats.

As I recall, they required receipt of the entry form (or e-mail) by 02/16/01. The following information should be included in your request: name, address, phone number, e-mail address, type of pass (this offer was intended for AP holders - but it can't hurt to try, even if you are not an AP holder), and birth date (day and month only I believe - no idea why)

My family will also be at Universal March 1-4. I sent my e-mailed my entry, but I haven't heard anything yet. GOOD LUCK.


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