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Jan 17, 2001
I was wondering .... if I purchase a 4day Park Hopper when I arrive ($203) would I be able to upgrade it later for the difference in a 5day Park Hopper($230) or would I have to pay a full admit for the extra day?


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Aug 13, 1999
I could be mistaken, but I believe you would have to upgrade to the 5-day pass before you used the 4-day pass or your old pass would be pro-rated for the days you have used toward the purchase price of a 5-day pass. For example, if you waited until after you had used 3 days on the pass and tried to upgrade, you would be credited for the one day left on the 4-day pass toward the purchase of a new 5-day pass.

If all you want is 5 days, you should upgrade before using the pass.


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Aug 12, 2000
When we went to Disney in the fall, I had bouhgt 5 day hopper passes at the Disney Store before we left. We loved the parks so much that on the third day we were there,we deceided to upgrade them to Annual passes. We just paid the difference in the total prices, as if we had never used the 5 day hoppers yet. So I ended up paying the difference(about $129) at that time. Oh, you can only do this at the parks, not the resort.

Hope that helps you!!


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Earning My Ears
Jan 17, 2001
Thank you!! I've been having so much fun planning this trip, I have truly considered going back next year!!! This board has been such a tremendous help!!!!!!!!!

Thanks !!! :D

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