Parent Swap????


Earning My Ears
Mar 30, 2001
Hello all... I am new to the boards and I am already addicted... I have a question hopefully you can help me with...

We are going to WDW in May 2002 and I will have a 23 month old that will not be able to ride all the rides his parents :D love to ride.... I think I may have a clue how some of the rides work for parent swap, but I am lost how the it works for SM,RnR,SpMt,ToT, etc...

thank you for your help in advance...
:D :D
I have only use the swap at Tower of Terror. It was a breeze. My wife went through the regular line while a cast member escorted me and my small child into the exit area, where we waited for my wife to come off the ride. When she did, she stayed with the baby and the cast member took me up a private elevator directly to the ride's loading area, where I immediately got on and rode the ride. It worked great.
When you go to get into a line for a ride ask the castmember at the entrance usually the one holding the height stick and they will explain it to you. At Splash Mountain, one parent goes thru the regular line, once thier done you switch and the other parent goes through the exit and gets on one of the next few boats, when it is available.

When we were there in Nov. the Cast member at the enterance of the line gave us a paper baby swap "ticket". It was great because the parent not rideing could do something else while the other parent went through the line and rode. We could use the "ticket" anytime during the day, it did not have to be right in a row. That was really nice for a quick ride later for our 8 year old who got to go with both parents. I thought the system was really nice, as the baby did not spend the time just waiting.

To disneycrazymom - HOW do you come back later? What line do you get into? Did you get a baby swap "ticket" at every ride you tried it at? Really curious! (I'm New, too! and, visit tooo often!)


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