Parade Performer HELP!


Earning My Ears
Mar 28, 2020
I have always wanted to be a parade performer and I know Disney will post specific auditions for that. However, do you need to specific heights to be parade performers? If I go to a parade audition could they potentially put be in a character fur o face because I really only want to be a parade dancer? I am 5'3" and a bit worried I will be considered too short to be a parade dancer and a bit worried they put me in a fur costume and I just wanna dance hahah help me please


Feb 8, 2019
From previous experience of working in entertainment at prepared to “do fur” even if you are cast as a dancer. As a dancer, your training, before getting a job, should involve being diverse and proficient in different styles and being willing to do a variety of roles. Everyone wants to be the Sugar Plum Fairy or Clara in the Nutcracker, but somebody has to be the mouse or soldier. Turning down a “fur role” could make you appear to be not flexible and prevent you from getting cast in the future. They make costumes in a variety of sizes, so if the casting director likes you and they think they can use you, they will often make something work. Break a leg!