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    Jan 19, 2009
    I have 4 children my husband and my self going to the music resort in 2 weeks. I was considering upgrading to a dining package. This required me buying tickets as well, but I only need 3 day tickets for 2 of my kids. ( the rest of us have tickets). This seemed great I could add 1 day base tickets x the 6 of us and get the dining package I wanted .When I called t
    they said I could only use the tickets for the designated person . That 2 kids could not use all the tickets ??? Does anyone know if this rule is enforced or are you allowed to swap tickets???
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    Apr 12, 2005
    The tickets are usually scanned into the computer system via Biometrics. They will scan your finger the first time you use them so the prints must match.
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    This is an interesting situation and I am not sure what the answer is. Since you are getting a package you will have the tickets encoded on your key cards which have names on them.

    If you were getting separate tix-- no encoded on your room keys-- then it wouldn't be a problem. Each paper ticket would have one day and not be assigned to any one person. While they do use biometrics, they generally don't do that with kids, and even if they did you are talking about just a 1 day ticket so that wouldn't really matter.

    You insert your ticket media (paper tix or room key) into the turnstyle. Since there will only be one day worth of tix on each room key the biometrics don't matter. But the CM manning the turnstyle may question if the name on the key doesn't match the gender of the child, or if you are using an adult tix for a child.

    I think the question is, can you get the resort to print your tickets up separately from your key cards when you check in? If you can then you are fine-- those aren't assigned to any specific person until you actually enter the park. But also what age are the 2 kids that you are using the tix for? That can make a difference.

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