Over the top media reaction?


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May 21, 2012
Not the point I was trying to make. It was about getting sick and if being extra careful with hygiene was of influence. From my point of view it is not. Otherwise I would want men to wash their hands every time they readjust their crown jewels, regardless if it is touching through fabric or directly on the flesh.

If you start to think carefully about everything a person touches throughout the day without washing his/her hands after, you would never leave your bed. Then again, don't Google how many germs live on your pillow... :) People are filthy, it is about finding balans between proper hygiene to avoid getting sick and being overly cautious.

And for the record, I do wash my hands after going to the bathroom ;)
I totally get your point, because in general I am not super careful, but when I see bad behavior by other it changes my behavior;)

The craziest thing is the places we go to get well, Dr's offices and hospital's are probably the best place to pick up a new bug:)

I honestly think cruise ships way cleaner than most public places. On all lines I have sailed, they clean off surfaces more than I have ever seen. Don't want to think about railings and door handles at a mall or even my work lol.


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