Our First Trip Report Day 3 & 4

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  1. splashclay

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    May 1, 2002
    Day 3 - Sunday 30th June
    Breakfast Bakery - (Coronado Springs)
    Lunch Pretzel - (Magic Kingdom)
    Dinner - House of Blues (Westside)
    Mystery - Joe uses a paper and pen?
    Best Laugh - Man Jumping to the Thunder
    Sad moment - Man taking children away from Splash Mountain
    Amazing, our second morning here and we didn't get up until 7.00am, we are adjusting to the five hours time difference quicker than ever. Joe decided that he would stay in bed, so Dave and I walked around to the Bakery. We had Muffins, Croissants and coffee whilst taking in the fantastic view around the lake at our Resort, wouldn't it be great if you could bottle up the atmosphere and take it home! We had brought our Coronado refillable Mugs, back from a previous visit, here is a tip, make sure you put the correct colour tops on your mugs. We had brought light blue tops with us, they didn't match the dark blue everyone else was using and got us a few funny stares from the Pepper market CMs. Back to the room, we noticed Joe had taken a piece of paper and written a note to someone, who we will never know. Joe continued to stay in bed, we had told him that this was his vacation too and he could make his own decisions, where and when he wanted to go.
    Took the bus to the Magic Kingdom arrived at 8.50 before the opening ceremony, the crowds were very big getting through security, it amazed us both, the number of people who had bags trying to get straight through, just to be sent back to the rear of the queue. We decided to do Splash first, onto the first train of the day a five minute ride and we were there. It's fun going in this early, seeing everyone who has rushed through the park, out of breath, whilst we had a leisurely ride LOL. Out of luck the ride broke down, 10 minutes later it was up and running and we were nearly on, emergency stop, some fool had got off the ride when it first broke down. Here is the saddest point of our vacation, after waiting more than 15 minutes to get on the ride the man in front decided he wasn't going to wait anymore, the look of disappointment on his two children's faces when he pulled them from the ride was ever so sad. Even worse - the ride started one minute after they left. Hey out there, life is too short, enjoy it to the full. Walked back up to the Christmas shop, we decided on a Mickey and Minnie, getting married, tree ornament they are ever so cute. We didn't buy straight away, most of our gift shopping would be done at Downtown Disney (to get the 20% Amex discount). Onto the haunted house the new gravestone is a laugh - those eyes - we also found the hidden Mickey in the dining room. Meandered out through Fantasyland and stopped for a Pretzel at the stand near to Dumbo. We sat for half an hour people watching the kids are ever so happy smiling faces all around us. On through to Tomorrowland and a ride on the Tomorrowland transit authority, nipped into Adventureland for a Dole whip and out of the park, after a bit of window shopping.
    We caught the Monorail through to Epcot and took a bus back to our resort. Joe had been swimming and was relaxing in our room reading his latest Gresham novel. The rain decided to start at 3.00, Dave was sitting at the table watching the storm through the window, all of a sudden he started laughing, a bolt of lightning had struck very near to the room, a poor man had jumped out of his shoes when the lightning struck, I didn't think it was funny the poor chap could have been struck himself.
    We put our ponchos on and caught a bus to Downtown Disney, Joe (who is very designer label orientated) wouldn't wear a poncho with Mickey Mouse on it. He purchased a brolly at the Downtown Disney but took it back for a refund when he found it had Mickey on it. Dave tried to explain to him that one of the biggest designer labels in the World is 'Disney', to no avail, Joe finally purchased a brolly from West Side a great designer label Planet Hollywood!!. We ate at the House of Blues at Westside. Dave had Jambalaya, Joe had steak (Surprise) and I had Chicken. Dave was told that the pepper on his Jambalaya was the second hottest in the world, of course he had to try it, much to our amusement, he drank all the remaining water on the table and his mouth didn't cool down for half an hour. Joe decided to go back to the room whilst Dave and I went to Pleasure Island. A beer in the Beach Club and the Comedy Club followed by a Kinky Sax for (me) Martini on the rocks (Dave) in the Jazz Club and we were off back to our room for the night.

    Day 4 Monday 1st July
    Breakfast - Tusker House (Animal Kingdom)
    Lunch - Didn't bother
    Dinner - Pecos Bill Café (Magic Kingdom)
    Surprise - Dave was very nervous going for the Wedding Licence
    Quick worker Joe chatting up the ladies.
    Had a later start than usual, late nights at Pleasure Island. Left the room for the bus stop at 8.30pm off to the Animal Kingdom. We weren't sure if our camera was working correctly so we dropped off the first roll of film at the Kodak shop in the entrance to the Animal Kingdom, it would be ready in 3 hours time, there's quick service. We decided to do the new rides before the crowds set in so we headed down to Dinoland USA. First stop Primeval Whirl, I didn't go on this it looks too much like a coaster, Dave and Joe went on the ride twice, once on each side. They thought it was ok but quite tame, they didn't bother going on the Triceratops Spin. They made their way round to the Dinosaur ride whilst I took in some of the glorious morning sun. Next we went round to Africa got 3 Fast Passes for the Safari in 40 minutes time and made our way to the Tusker House for Breakfast. We made real pigs of ourselves had a massive breakfast. Dave had Breakfast Croissant and a cinnamon roll, Joe ate Bacon, egg & biscuit with a muffin, I had sausage, egg & biscuit with a Danish. As we left Dave listened for the mother and crying baby, we couldn't here it, is this another victim of political correctness? A quick nosey round the shops (I would so like to buy one of the larger giraffes, but I'm afraid we wouldn't get it home safely on the plane), onto the Safari By now the queues were getting quite large, it never ceases to amaze me that people will queue for 40 minutes to go on an attraction when the Fast Pass time is also 40 minutes, Hey Ho. At first I thought we wouldn't see many animals on our Safari, however as the ride got going the animals came out, I don't think we have ever seen as many. My favourites are the Giraffes, they remind me of our previous stay at the Animal Kingdom Lodge, such elegant beasts. We left the Safari and made our way to Asia, the line on the river rapids was small so we decided to get wet whilst the sun was still shining. A fun ride made better by the company of a group of Teenagers who definitely wanted to get wet. We managed to stay quite dry, unusual for me, Dave and Joe wont sit by me normally they say I attract water, I spoke too soon the ride stopped us under the Elephants who are controlled by guests from the Bridge. We got soaked, the ride decided to stop for about 3 minutes - 3 minutes of constant bombardment LOL.
    We left the park to make our way back to the room for a change of clothing, on the way we collected our photographs and were surprised to be given a pin. Dave has a collection of about 50 pins, he did the Maths and decided that if we developed all our prints on - site we could end up with quite a few pins to trade, what an excellent Idea. Joe was going for a swim while we made our way to Downtown Orlando, Court House, for our marriage license. The drive took about an hour and just as we parked the car (in the wrong place(Dave blames my navigating)) it was really his nerves, he hates doing official type things. We thought we had arrived and the heavens opened up. We got out, got wet and asked for directions to the court house. We weren't that far away 3 minutes later we were parking in the Multi storey. The courthouse is a beautiful building inside, lots of murals and local artwork, I wish we had taken the camera although Dave reckons that they wouldn't have allowed us to use it with the heightened security. One marriage license later we were making our way back to Disney, we arrived at 4.30pm
    We decided to watch the Spectro Magic parade tonight so it was off to the Magic Kingdom, first place somewhere to eat because we missed Lunch. Joe decided he wanted a Hot Dog the only place I could think of was Pecos Bills. Joe got his Hot Dog, Dave and I had Cheeseburgers. The line for Splash was far too long and the Fast Passes had run out but we managed to get on big Thunder Mountain with a 15 minute wait. Joe got talking to three ladies on the way round, it never ceases to amaze me how quick he gets chatting to the opposite sex, he even ended up sharing a seat on the train with one of them. We walked down the side of the river to the Country bears Jamboree. This is always a great show, foot stamping and clapping along to those crazy bears. Down to the Main Street to watch the parade, we were a bit late today and couldn't get a front row seat. The show was packed but we managed to see the whole of the parade from by the Ice cream shop. The parade was brilliant, watching the kids faces as the spinning fish came up to them and winked, I don't know what was more fun watching the kids or watching the parade. We made our way back to the room and guess what? Joe went for a swim!!!
  2. pumba


    Dec 28, 1999
    thanks so much for your wonderful report.....I will be in Disney in less then 24 hours and I can hardly wait
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  4. stargzr

    stargzr Earning My Ears

    Sep 14, 1999
    splashclay- I'm really enjoying your reports! I thought it was funny when you mentioned the man outside could've been hit by lightning, then in the next sentence you said you all went out in the rain! I'm glad YOU didn't get hit by lightning! :D

    Two questions - what's in a Kinky Sax and how were the film developing prices on property?
  5. yepod

    yepod DIS Veteran

    Aug 18, 2001
    Enjoying your reporting style!

    Of course I'm one of those Yanks that loves the British sayings "quick nosey round the shop" & "brolly"!

    Thanks for another great post!
  6. Krissalee

    Krissalee DIS Veteran

    Feb 3, 2001
    Another great report!

    I'm sure Joe was charming all the American girls with his British accent!

    :earsgirl: Krissy
  7. splashclay

    splashclay Earning My Ears

    May 1, 2002
    Hi Stargzr,

    We are both pleased as punch that you are enjoying our report,
    to answer your questions:-

    A Kinky Sax consists of 1 shot of Baileys and something else we can't remember what its just scrummy.
    Film Developing on site was $12.00 for a 24 print film, take this
    from a $6.50 pin and the prints run in @ $5.50 quite a bargain to say they are ready in 2 hours.

    See ya

  8. the Legend

    the Legend Master of Attractions and TourGuide Hopeful!

    Jun 2, 2001
    More is revealed!
    The TR is afoot!

    The Joe subplot is quiet a refereshing change from the regular TRs. I am glad you are having a great holiday so far.

    On to the next installment!
  9. KayleeUK

    KayleeUK Still here.....

    Oct 9, 1999
    Great report, glad you found the courthouse OK :D

  10. kathymc

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    Oct 4, 1999
    "Dave listened for the mother and crying baby..."

    what did this mean?

    enjoying your posts - off to read more!

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