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    Jan 29, 2005
    There is a young girl in the town where I live that has made it her goal to gather 500,000 CD's & DVD's to give to the troops serving in Iraq. She is making it her mission to collect these CD's by Christmas 2008. She actually appeared on Montel Williams show today and talked about her project. She is trying to make this a national effort.

    I think it is a wonderful thing that she is doing and would like for you all to look at her website and think about all those old CD's and DVD's you have lying around the house that you no longer use. She is a sweet young lady and is planning on going into the Naval Academy after graduationg high school (she has 2 years left).

    Here is the website where you can read about her and her mission and why she began it all.:goodvibes


    Thanks a bunch

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