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Earning My Ears
Dec 26, 2018
Fellow Dads -

Need some advice. With 41 days out I feel like there is still a lot to accomplish and I need a sense of direction of how to break things out to make sure we get everything done.

Things accomplished already: Dining Reservations, Paid full payment, Fast Pass Reservations, Disney Express Booked, Airline Booked

I have started a task list and then another with items that we need to pack/buy. Is there any other ideas that you can think of to try to organize and not make this stressful?

Are there items that are missing? What should be packed that you typically do not think of?

In addition, what are some things that can be done to help plan the daily itenirary? Son is 2 years old

Purchase new iPhone & Case
Evaluate iPad Situation
Download iPad/iPhone Videos
Evaluate Stroller Plan
Purchase Stroller
Purchase Stroller Bag
Purchase Stroller ID
Purchase Harness for Airplane
Develop Luggage Plan
Purchase Purse
Purchase Cooler
Purchase New Bookbag
Obtain note from Dr (Allergies)
Buy extra Epipen
Purchase Additional Medicine for Son
Purchase New Clothes - Son
Purchase New Shoes - Son
Purchase New Clothes - Wife
Purchase New Shoes - Wife
Purchase New Sunglasses - Wife
Purchase New Clothes - Husband
Purchase New Shoes - Husband
Purchase New Sunglasses - Husband
Simplify Purse
Simplify Wallet
Simplify Money Clip
Haircut - Son
Haircut - Wife
Eyebrows - Wife
Pedicure/Manicure - Wife
Charge All External Batteries and Organize Wires
Obtain MIL's External Battery and Wires
Bring all iPhone and iPad Cords
Plot Daily Itenirary
Print Out Reservations (x3)
Select Airline Seats
Select Magic Band Colors and Order
Redeem Disney Gift Cards from Shopkicks


DIS Dad #856
Apr 6, 2014
while this is not much help,I find that pushing as much of that stuff as you can off on the wife works just fine. When you discover some thing has been missed or forgotten when it's too late, you get the added bonus of putting the blame on her. ;)


Librarian Mickey
Apr 3, 2018
Well, that is a very comprehensive list indeed! If you are thinking about your planning at such a granular level, I'm sure you're going to be just fine. :thumbsup2
I have to agree that most of the "Purchase" items should be delegated to the wife, as she's the one who knows what she likes everyone to look like out there. And have you considered just renting a stroller there? We've used a couple of different companies and found the convenience to be well worth it, although that was for double strollers.
For that age, if you're going to be taking the iPad, check out the Play Disney Parks to "turn wait time into play time"! (Although Disney apps are notoriously buggy)
And aside from Fastpasses and Dining Reservations, I wouldn't worry too much about the daily itinerary: just get familiar with the park maps so you know your general flow throughout the days, but especially with such a young kid just take your time and soak it all in. There will be time for "commando" park days when he gets older. The Epcot Kidcot stops are a nice activity with no waiting for little ones - Sorcerers of the Magic Kingdom is great too!


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