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Aug 7, 2014
@rideswithchrist - I been happy with RV Trip Wizard so far and its pairing with the RV life app. I like that if you put in your MPG and fuel capacity it will give you warnings for fuel. So I usually set a 'must fuel by' stop near either a planned lunch or overnight stop to refuel and keep going. The RV life app can pull up the trip wizard planning routing and then set it on its way. They give you a free trial so if you have a trip coming up try it out and see what you think before paying the money to subscribe for a year.

It's true traveling with kids slow things down some, I count ourselves lucky my step daughters travel well when we are on the road. I feel if we I where going the same distance as Texas to FL, I would not push so hard on the road and just plan multiple days. And make sure where we stop has a chance for everyone to stretch their legs.
I think that we will just take our time- we homeschool and hubs works from home, so I am thinking we will drive and then camp so he can work/check in/whatever and we can also let the kids run and play. Or at least, we want to be able to do so.

I guess being a little older than many of you, my kidneys are a great reminder for fuel stops and such.
With a hundred gals. of diesel in the pusher and about 10 gal/hr., I'm never gonna run low on fuel.
Can't go that many hours, without stretching my legs!!

YES! I am the one that has to make everyone stop for bathroom breaks, isn't it great to tow your own toilet? But yes- every 2 hours and my legs need to stretch anyway.


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Jun 16, 2013
As the lone driver and principle planner for little group, I have found certain guides to be very helpful. Like, long haul truckers were studied in the mid 70's and it was discovered they nearly all averaged a speed of 51 mph while traveling That includes the obvious times when they were stopped for various reasons. That still holds true today.
A 15 min stop every 2 hours or so for Food, Fuel, Potty Stop or to just get out and walk around a bit keeps everyone happier.
Google Maps Earthview is my friend when checking out potential and never been to fuel stops along the way.
Travel after 4 pm is not in our plans. The Girls like to eat at about 4:30 and Katie gets antsy if not fed on time. Also as we head to and from Disney in Dec/Jan I get to our hook ups while it is still light out.
The old adage If it ain't broke don't fix it. What has worked well in the past is very likely to to now as well. We will try new places and things but also schedule extra time for them.
This is totally me! I use Google Earth like no tomorrow if I don't know what a gas station will look like. Same with Hotels when I stop. I need to know I have a place to park my trailer and turn around.

I can drive longer distances for bathroom breaks but fuel dictates my stops. I typically can go 2-3 hours on a tank of gas. Now that will change a bit when I get the new TV but for the better as it's got better towing capacity so it won't work as hard towing my 3500 lb tent trailer.