Old Magic Kingdom Club


May 18, 2001
I still have a valid Magic Kingdom Club card(expires 4/02) which has been discontinued by Disney and replaced by Disney Club. Will Disney still honor this until it expires?
Could be wrong but from what my memory serves me....if you use it say in TDS they will give you the discount and then take the card even if it is still good. Not sure how it would work at the resorts. I would just call them and see what they say.
When I called and inquired I was told the card is no longer good. They didn't really care that I still had time on it. I could call and find out for yourself.
I have had the DC card since it started.
About a year ago, I forgot my DC card, but had my MKC on hand when I was making a purchase at TDS.
They allowed the MKC discount, but confiscated the card then and there.
And I saw this happen to someone else at TDS too.
So at least here, that was what was happening last year.
And mine had an expiration of 02/02 on it.

I was wondering about the discount we used to get for park tickets using the Magic Kingdom Card. I'm going to go and ask the CM at TDS and see what happens. Thanks for responding to my question.
No, Disney cannot honor the old Magic Kingdom Club Cards as of last fall. You will need one of the new Disney Club Cards to receive your discount. They were supposed to be phased out the Fall of 2000, and all of the employers that offered this perk were supposed to have forwarded the information to their employees... when Disney found out that some of the employers had not received the info, they extended the time, as a courtesy to May of 2001. After that time, the stores were accepting the card for "one last discount" and confiscating them after that use, and offering the info so that the guest could get a discount on joining the Disney Club. That courtesy ended as sometime last fall (can't remember exactly when). Hope this helps clear up things for you.


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