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    This is a quick report - I’ll add more and copy it to the rooms thread later. My pictures are too big to upload, so I need to make them smaller before I csn add them.

    We stayed in a renovated wheelchair accessible 1 bedroom OKW villa with a tub.
    We had reserved a room with a roll in shower, but there was a mix up. The building we were assigned to had just opened after the renovation and it had been incorrectly coded.
    We were offered a room with a roll in shower in another location, but decided to stay with this room - 2715

    It had a lot of nice details that were not present before.
    - Little ramps at the front door and at the patio door leading to the porch.

    - A pull out cabinet in the kitchen. It moved very easily and when it was pulled out, it left a roll under counter

    - side by side refrigerator/ freezer and counter top microwave

    - switch next to the stove to turn on range hood vent and light

    - roll under sinks with shelf space in the bathroom (OKW has two sinks)

    - sliding doors to master bedroom, closet and bathroom. These were very easy to slide

    - front loading washer and dryer

    - lots of grab bars which doubled as towel bars

    My guess is that the renovated roll in shower rooms will be exactly the same, but will have a roll in shower where the tub is (the tub is in the same place as the roll in shower).
    The toilet was turned compared to where it was in the old roll in shower rooms.
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    Sounds like they are finally seeing the light at WDW with accessibility - so many more options/combinations so that there's a chance of finding everything you might need on property somewhere!

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