OLD Doom Rumor?


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Dec 11, 2000
I am sure this was discussed, but was hoping someone might settle some curiousity. One of the CMs was telling a guest that DOOM was not originally created to do exactly what it does.

He was telling the guest that its design was that you would be blasted 150' into the air, then without stopping slammed 125' back faster then gravity (then eased the last 25').

They said that after massive problems they opted to open the ride in this configuration. Fact or Fiction?????

At first I dismissed that on basic design, but my buddy with me read the description that is still in the guidebook which reads:

"Doctor Doom's Fearfall" - Doctor Doom's diabolical new device rockets you 150 feet into the air then pushes you back down faster than gravity itself!

Which brings up another point: The fall is NOTHING, its the rocketing...So the name really doesn't fit.

Earl, everyone...Whats the scoop? If its true, anyplans on a revamp at night etc
Well, there's some truth to that, it's just that it does do that now. It's just the effect is not that noticable. There never was a change in the ride design, it actually just got over-hyped. The ride is an off the shelf Space Shot made by S&S Sports Power in Utah. As the cart goes up, it actually builds a back pressure in the top of the cylinder near the end of the stroke. Using the exact shot pressure based on the cart weight and that back pressure is how you control the launch height. You actually are pushed back down, it's just that the push is so small the it's not noticable.

I was there as part of the entire IOA design and wasn't the only one that could never figure out why it was fear"fall". I guess one of the creative eggheads thought it be more to fall down than to get shot up. Oh well .....
Actually, in the original design concepts for Islands of Adventure, Doctor Doom's Fearfall was a different ride altogether.

Any of you California residents out there may know it as Superman the Escape at Six Flag's Magic Mountain. A linear induction free fall coaster built by Intamin. Some of the most original concept art of Marvel feature this ride design.

The issue? Major technical problems with the opening of the ride in California - not to mention the huge space needed to install such an attraction
Roller coaster tycoon gives you two options for these rides. luanch "UP" or launch "Down" down takes it to the top and then drops it
Personally, I would like to see a slightly different sequence...

Something like...Launch...drop 3/4...

Up again, the drop and lock...

More violent drop would be nice...but hey?

We can always dream

Does weekly attendance to a theme park constitute an addict?

If so, I am Doomed!

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