okw studio...what to expect


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Aug 18, 1999
hey guys...
we will be making our first trip to okw in the beginning of february...what can we expect to find in the way of kitchenware...what should we plan to bring with us....
thanx in advance....
The studio has a kitchenette -- microwave, small frig, wet bar (sink), coffeemaker and toaster. You will have real glasses and coffee mugs. You'll have a start-up supply of plastic silverware and paper plates and bowls (the same ones used at WDW fast food and food courts).
When I'm in the studio I bring along plenty of ziploc bags, salt & pepper, coffee filters and a few containers I can microwave cook/store in (the Ziploc and Reynolds ones are good for this). The microwave is a small one so don't bring large microwave dishes/pans.

I've heard that some people like to take a George Forman grill, crockpot &/or electric skillet too. Since you don't have a cooktop in the kitchenette these items might be handy if you do plan to cook meals.
I just returned from a OKW studio this week, this was also my first trip home as a DVC member. The resort was nice and the room worked out well. However, I did expect the room to be slightly larger and was just a little disappointed. With that said, the bathroom was large and comfortable. The fridge and microwave were also great, ordered pizza one night ate and put the leftovers in the fridge and used the microwave to re-heat the next day. Since my guest had a touch of a cold, the mircowave came in handy for warming hot beverages. Don't expect to be a CHEF, other than 4 mugs and glasses, the rest of the kitchenware is palstic and paper. The only thing I really didn't like was not having a bellmen to bring the luggage. We were going to WDW for 4 days and then going to Colorado for some skiing, bringing all the things we had to the second floor was a real ?!@?!&?.!!!

In general if you don't expect to do any real cooking the room will be fabalous!! I have heard of people bringing grills and electric plates, I think thats a mistake. If you plan on during all of that get a one bedroom. Use the room as its intended a nice place to sleep, eat leftovers and drink coffee and cocoa.


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