OKW studio-is it nice?


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May 11, 2000
A friend of mine is renting points from us. Thet will be staying in an OKW studio. Will they be disapointed? Does anyone have any pictures?
It's very nice. There are two Queen beds, a table and chairs, a large bathroom with tub, a small fridge, coffeemaker and microwave as well as a second sink.

I don't think that they'll be disappointed in the least.
We stayed in a studio for 7 nights this past week. It was very nice. I highly doubt that anyone would be disappointed if they are comparing it to a hotel room.
There is also a small porch with a couple chairs and a small table.
Porch is probably 5ft x 5ft but many of them have a view of the golf course.

Yes, its nice. A bit bigger than most hotel rooms (though it didn't really seem that much bigger than our room at the Poly on our last trip) and with some of the comforts of home...like a fridge and microwave. Its cool to be able to make a cup of tea at the end of the night or keep cold sodas in the fridge. The bathroom is nice and large...and there's a cool little window over the toilet (frosted glass...can't see through! People laugh at my scrapbook because I have a photo of this window...they joke about how I just liked the toilet!) The porch is nice too...much more a porch than a balcony....more useable...you could sit out and play cards or something.

I'm sure they'll love it!
We stayed in an OKW studio for a night when we went last Nov. It was real nice. Of course until we went to DVC in the spring and that was our first trip home we usually stayed at the All Stars and were happy ther. My DW told me I need to post the pics I have of the room. I will sometime Wed 01/09/02.
Unless they need one I would recommend they request to NOT be assigned a handicapped studio--less counter space, no tub.

Also there are no good views from the ground floor studios...if that is important to them request an upper floor.

Lesley wrote:"Yes, its nice. A bit bigger than most hotel rooms (though it didn't really seem that much bigger than our room at the Poly on our last trip)

Lesley- you are right. It should not seem much bigger than a room at the Poly because it is actually smaller...

POLY-407 sq feet vs 376 sq ft for the OKW studio.


We had a lovely view from the OKW ground floor studio that we stayed at in December.
Thanks Paul...that would explain it! I still thought the porch at OKW was nicer than the balcony at the Poly.....except for that if you leaned out and looked to the side you could see the castle at the Poly!

The layout of the OKW studio is such that it can be mistaken for a larger room than it is!


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