Okay... here is a fun little memory rattler


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Dec 24, 1999
What is the farthest you can trace a pin trade back... You started out with pin A and it ended up as pin F... Can you remeber what you traded to get from A to ... What ever it was where it became a keeper? Min of 4 trades....
Wow!!! I've gone around about to get a pin.......but I'll wait for an example before I post. Not sure if that's what you're asking??

1. I bought a Football Mickey pin LE 1000 on my last trip.
2. I traded that for a Set of Disney Sea Mickey and Minnie Christmas pins
3. I then traded the set of two pins for a set of WDCC Artist Pins from 1995.
4. I then traded that set for the Hitchhiking ghost Cm pin from DL.
5. I traded that for all 6 of the LE 1000 Easter Eggs.

So I started out with a LE Football Mickey and ended up with 6 Easter Eggs. The trades happened over a few weeks but I was able to keep track from the pin I bought that started the trade to the pins I kept... For now as I will trade those away as well for something else...


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