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Jan 25, 2015
So we’re currently at the airport hotel now. Our rooms got upgraded to Business Class which was a nice surprise at check in. We fly out at 9:55am UK time tomorrow and I can’t wait! So glad I took the day off yesterday and got all the packing done because it made this morning much more relaxing not having to run around like crazy to get everything done.
  • ArielSRL

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    Oct 23, 2006
    Tom Sawyer Island in MK.
    We tried to do this one this year, like you never have before, but it was closed for weather so we never made it. We will get to it eventually.
    We found that booking a FP for Dumbo/Barnstormer in stormy weather was a good strategy for getting extra rides on Space/Splash/BT.
    Yes, this is a great strategy. But I completely forgot to use it! HAHA. My friend was there at the same time and she did use it and ended up with so many anytime FPs.


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    Oct 23, 2006
    We got back the 16th. Great 9 day trip! I'm not sad because we go again in 6 days (and then for Labor Day, October, and Thanksgiving). After we watched the livestream of the fourth fireworks last year, we decided we would see it in person this year! Cannot wait! Anyway, we went balls to the wall for 9 days, even with midday breaks and two late start days. At the end of the week we decided to miss the rope drop crowd and get to the last couple parks about 30 minutes in. It was fine because we had the early fastpasses.

    It was really, really hot. It wasn't really that crowded in my opinion. We did almost everything we wanted to do. We missed Tom Sawyer Island due to weather and Dinosaur due to break down. We also missed our Pirates & Pals fireworks cruise due to weather. I really wanted to do that one but if we had just stuck to the dessert party, we would have still got to experience it, so I think we will stick with that from now on. They said they would refund us half because we chose to experience the party portion but I am fairly certain they refunded the whole thing.

    We did MK EMM, which I highly recommend, We did the Star Wars dessert party, and I also highly recommend. We have done it before but it was different back then and we enjoyed it much more this time with seating, Stormtroopers interacting, and the viewing area was awesome. I did the Villains event with a friend (left family behind). It was really fun!

    My 7 year old surprised us all by becoming a huge roller coaster fan this year. Which opens up doors to booking more EMM or DAH events for us. My 5 year old is still holding us back though. So for our next trip I had to split up some FPs and I'm the one sticking with the 5 year old. Oh well, maybe he will change his mind in a couple years like the older one. I also discovered that FOP doesn't agree with me which makes me sad. I'm really hoping I can do Smugglers Run, but I'm worried I can't.

    My husband has informed me that we cannot tour like we did this June. We have to slow down. I am excited to stop and smell the roses more. For one, we rarely have time to relax at home, so maybe it will be nice to on vacation. And two, we do have APs (and DVC) and 7 trips this year, so really I should be able to tour more relaxed. I mean, it isn't like we won't be back!

    All in all, it was a wonderful trip and on July 1, I will be booking our June 2020 trip. We are going to do May 30-June 7 next year because our passes expire on the 7th. We are going to do one night at the front at Legoland (request from the boys) then move over to Disney. We'll book at BRV at WL, our home, at 11 months out but I am really hoping to switch to BCV or BWV at the 7 month mark.

    Mrs. W

    Jun 6, 2017
    My sister and I returned Tuesday from our 5 day trip. The heat was more brutal than I expected, but honestly, I preferred that to the week of rain that was predicted. It didn’t rain a single time we were in WDW. We definitely had a great trip. We rode everything we wanted, including FOP twice and Big Thunder 5 times (it’s my favorite!), by refreshing. My husband and I are park commandos, but my sister is not, but even with entering the parks at 11-12, we were able to accomplish a lot, as far as attractions go.

    I hope everyone else’s June trips went well! I’ll be back over Thanksgiving this year to experience the Food and Wine Festival and attend a Christmas party.
  • The13thLetter

    Sep 18, 2018
    Sadly I dont think I will be in a June group again (this was a quick one-off because of my wife's school timing and a conference for work) but I will miss you all :) I am in the Aug 2019 and will be in the April 2020 thread (once that starts) so see you there maybe!


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    Jul 1, 2015
    Is there an Official June 2020 group yet? 👓👓
    I have not set anything up so far, I've taken a step back from the disboards while I deal with some ongoing health issues. I still read some but don't post much. I encourage someone to start it up and get the conversation going because that makes things so much more fun when someone can help get people excited for their trip. I think we might be doing late July/early August next year (Lord, help me...).


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