*OFFICIAL* BCV incentives

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Apr 28, 2001

I just got off the phone with my guide. The conversation was rushed, understandably, but this is what he said:

For 150 points, you can get $5 off the $75 pp price OR you can get a 5 night stay, good until July 2003, @ Polynesian, Y&BC, Animal Kingdom Lodge, Boardwalk Inn, Contemporary or Coronado Springs.

I had been talking with him about a 275 point package and for this you could get a 7night stay plus a 3 night stay, which could be used consecutively, also to be used by July 2003, OR you could get $5 off per point.

At 310 points, you can do a 7 night plus a 5 night or $5 off.

You cannot get more than $5 off no matter how many points you buy.

BTW, there are block out periods for the free stay: Christmas and Easter.

He said, well he is a salesperson, that he thought the BCV were the nicest looking inside; as an example of how high end they look, he said they have granite countertops in the kitchen as opposed to Corian.

The access road is NOT near the new quiet pool. The rooms with a view of the road are also facing Epcot. The other rooms face the pool.

There is no *official* word on pool-hopping, although he believes that only guests of BC/YC/BCV will be able to use SAB but BC/YC/BCV guests will still be able to pool hop to other resorts (I think Animal Kingdom has same policy)

If you buy now, the use year is Feb.

The villas are opening August 1st, and you can start making reservations with your points on March 6th.

He had to get off the phone rather quickly and I did not have a chance to ask him about the dues, but I have heard that they are low.

Well, that's all the news I have that's fit to print!
Thank you, did you happen to hear what catergory of room it is for? (I'm assuming standard view) Thanks again.
So the incentive is linked to the size of you purchase. At least for the nights stay option. The $5.00 is nice since you don't lose you 1st years points. I'm happy.

BCV here we come.:bounce: :bounce: :bounce:

My guide Susie is the best, she spent 40 minutes talking to me. Dues are $3.77/point. If you buy Feb use year you start paying dues now. Contracts recorded June 1. Addtl black out for free nights is presidents weekend. Hotels are: AKL, Y & BC, BI. CR POR, Poly, WL, CS, CB. $5.00 off/point comes off your down payment. Financing 50/50, 8.5%, 20% down, 11.5% (automatic deposit). For add ons- you will get your points for 2002 use year, dues payable starting the month of your add on. You can advance your points if you have a later use year. Down payment due two weeks from initiation of contract. Hope that covers it.
Oh and if you purchase 100- 149 points you get 3 nights stay, 150-100, 5 night and 200 a 7 night stay.
Just an FYI. Guests at the YC/BC and AKL cannot pool hop to other pools.

However, I do think that this going to eliminate DVC guests at the other resorts going to YC/BC pool. (OH this is going to cause an uproar!) However, having paid to stay at YC/BC I agree. It is not nice for paying guests not to find space at the pool because people pool hopped. I have been amazed at the number of people I have seen hiking to their cars in their swimsuits when I stayed at that hotel.

Thanks for the info!!

Has anyone heard from their guide this morning what the point chart for BCV will look like--i.e., will it be exactly the same as VWL?

Thank you!!:)
With the free night offer, do you think you will be able to pay the cash difference and stay concierge??
Points are same as BWV preferred. That's a good question Johnnie-
Does anyone know if you can split the free stay? For example, if you got a 7 night free stay, could you split it up to go 3 nights one time and 4 nights another?
OK, so if I buy now I get the points in June (my use year is March), but I can't start making reservations until August. Personally, if they are recording my points in June, I want to be able to book reservations in June (say for next May using my 11 month window) Does any of this make sense?

I am confused on when we get the points and when we can use them.
When you make a reservation, they look at the points you will have available on your check-in date, not the date you are making the reservation. So you would be able to make a reservation in June for May 2003. If you buy now, you would probably be able to even make a reservation for 11 months from when they start taking reservations. If you buy direct from DVC, they allow reservations to be made before closing.
Does anyone know if you can buy the BCV off sight or do we have to make a trip to disney to buy? We live in NY.
I think that is my concern. I am paying for the points now and paying dues on them now, but I cannot even begin making a reservation at BCV until August. I realize I could use the points to make a reservation someplace else, but it seems like if I buy them at BCV today, I should be able to make a reservation today.
Although I don't know about BCV and NY, I know we just bought over the phone. I took the tour on a solo trip in January, came home and discussed it with DH (who had asked me to take the tour-he was interested in buying), guide called and we bought. Just had all the papers Fedexed to us, got the bank to Notarize what needed to be, and sent them back. Except now, I feel the pressure-because of my positive report, DH has bought sight-unseen! So when we go, he'd better like it!
It took quite a while for VWL to be available in New York. I have the feeling that it is going to be a long time.

But here is another question. I wonder if the free nights are transferable? What a great gift to someone. Or in some cases will we see a slew of 3 night stays on e-bay?
Carol, I see what you are saying, but you do have the incentives to buy, the free nights or a $5 discount if, it seems, you buy 100 or more points. For those of us that want less then 100 points there in no incentive to purchase now, with the exception of buying before the June 1st price increase. Plus if your use year is before the offical opening of Sept, you get extra points whereas those of us that have a Sept-Dec use year only get points after the resort is open, no extra points...spruce
Originally posted by dvcdenise
Does anyone know if you can buy the BCV off sight or do we have to make a trip to disney to buy? We live in NY.

In order for you to buy over the phone, your state must have approved DVC to sell BCV to its residents. Based on what I've read on this board, NY is notoriously slow in this area. If you don't want to wait for the approval process to run its course, you will have to go to Florida to buy BCV.

Oh well, you really needed a reason to visit anyway, right??:) :)
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