Official 2013 MNSSHP Guest List Thread


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Mar 18, 2011
Since the other MNSSHP threads are huge and all over the place, I will be listing all dates for MNSSHP along with all Disers who will be there and what their costumes will be. If you would like to be on the list, just post your info including the following

date(s) attending, total number of people in your party and # of Adults/children, costumes, and your ADR time/place (ADR date/time listed in red)

I will be updating the list weekly or so. If you will not be dressing up, I will list you as "no costumes". If you will be dressing up, but do not know what you will be, I will list you as "undecided". If you think you know what you will be, let me know and I will list it as "tentative". Thanks! :goodvibes

***Once you have completed your costume, please feel free to add a pic and I will list it in the master list in magenta Some of my previous costume pics can be found on page 17 post# 241***

Costume rules for MNSSHP:

Halloween costumes should not:

--Obstruct the guest's view or interfere with their ability to board/unload from attractions and/or the Walt Disney World Resort transportation system (including monorails, ferry boats and mortorcoaches)

--Drag on the ground

--Contain sharp or pointed objects or material that may accidentally strike another guest

--Be offensive to other guests

--Contain any weapons which resemble or could be easily mistaken for an actual weapon


klangkat-3 (3A)- fairies LTT 5:10pm
BabyCrazyKCmommy-8(4A/4C)- undecided
monorailrabbit-2(2A)- self-Fauna, DH-Fix-It Felix
Mrs Grumpy-2(2A)- self and DH- no costumes
CelticHattress-2(2A)- self and sister- undecided
tpettie-2(2A)- pirate girl and a Seahawks fan
bocaj1431-2 -self and DS- undecided
ferrero121-4(2A/2C)- undecided
ILGoofy-2(2A)- self and friend-Figment and Dreamfinder
Mommy Poppins-7(3A/4C)- undecided
Kryan10-2(2A)- self and DH undecided
jcjen519-3(2A/1C)- self and DH- Izzy and Cubby (or Halloween shirts), DS- Jake
lisski76-3(2A/1C)- adults- Halloween shirts, child- Minnie
3mama3-5(2A/3C)- self and DH-tee shirts or pirates, DS-pirate (tentative), DS-pirate (tentative), DD- a BBB princess
Chubby-5(4A/1C)-self-Hulk (tentative), DW-Ironman/Rescue (tentative), DS- Captain America (tentative), mom and stepdad- no costumes
xxpeachykeenxx-2(2A)- self- Vanellope, mom-no costume
chasadchick-2(2A)-self and DH- Minnie and Mickey
jess1662-4(2A/2C)-self- Amy Pond, DH-Tardis, DS-11th Doctor, DS-Rory as the Roman centurian
areyouready2rumbelle-3(3A)-self-Merida, mother and father-Queen Elinor and Fergus
Aldafea-2(2A)- Hobbits
cnchevalier-2(2A)-self-Minnie, DD-Belle
southern_belle21-2(2A)-self and DH-Mike and Sully inspired outfits (tentative)
MacClemons-6(2A/4C)-self-Vanellope, DH-Fix-It Felix, DS-Wreck-It Ralph, DS-Agent P, DD-Rapunzel, DD-Tink

letthewookiewin-4(2A/2C)- Mouseketeers BOG 6:55pm
vnuzz-4(2A/2C)- self and DH- undecided, DD- doing BBB, DS- doing PL
ILGoofy-2(2A)- self and friend-Rapunzel and Flynn Rider
Farmersue-2(2A)- no costumes
paysensmom-3(2A/1C)-adults-Snow White and Evil Queen, child-Snow White
jcemom-2(1A/1C)-self-pirate, DD- pirate (PL appt)
elphie101-4(4A)- self-Oswin Oswald page 45 post#664, boyfriend- 11th Doctor, boyfriend's parents- no costumes Tony's 5:45pm
black562-2(2A)-no costumes Wave 5:30pm
Bicfam-5(2A/3C)-Mouseketeers Tony's 4:30pm
katt789-2(2A)-self-Wendy, friend-Peter
bxccah-1(1A)- Hogwarts student
artofanimation-3(3A)-self-Space Mountain, friend-Russell, friend-Kiss the Girl Ariel
Stormeyes-2(2A)-self-Darby, boyfriend-Christopher Robin
beachphotog-2(2A)-self-Cheshire Cat, mother-undecided
nyprincess-7(4A/3C)-adults-????, DS-Jac, DS-Gus, DD-Aurora
MizDisney513-2(2A)-self-Wreck-It Ralph, friend-Fix-It Felix
MaceysMom-3(2A/1C)-self and DH-undecided, DD-Cheshire Cat

lvcourtneyy-2(2A)- villians tees LTT 4:15pm
Moon Dreamer-4(4A)- no costumes
Sally-3(2A/1C)- self and DH-Perry shirts, DD-Snow White
JoanneDisFan-4(2A/2C)- self and DH- CM character handlers, DS-Mickey Mouse, DD-Merida page 41 post# 607
rcroke-3(2A/1C)- self and DH-undecided, DD- BBB princess if choice (will be joined by a party of 3(2A/1C))
paysensmom-3(2A/1C)-adults-Minnie Mouse and Pluto, child-Minnie Mouse
*tinker*bell*-2(2A)- self-Tinker Bell, mother-Minnie Mouse
4xmom-6(2A/4C)- self, DH, and 2 DSs-undecided, 2 DDs- modern Minnies
AimMeinOh-5(2A/3C)- self and DH- Mrs. And Mr. Potato Head, DD1- Jessie, DD2- Buzz, DS- Woody
LadyRayado-5(4A/1C)- the Sanderson sisters, Bill the zombie, and the baby will be Thackery Binx
AirForceFamily-4(2A/2C)- self- Queen of Hearts, DH- Dr. Doofenshmirtz, DD-Rapunzel (wedding dress), DD- Tinker Bell
DJWMom-5(2A/3C)- self-pirate, DH- Dr. Doofenschmirtz , DS- Agent P, DS- pirate, DS-skeleton
GaBelle-6(?A/?C)- no costumes, likely Halloween tees
leshunlenese-5(3A/2C)-??? BOG 4:30pm
DT83097-5(3A/2C)-self and DH-Michigan jerseys, DS-travel BB uniform, DD-Sofia, DMIL-undecided
katt789-3(3A)-self-Tink, mother-Peter, mother's friend-Cruella
mfd25wife-2(2A)-self and DH-undecided
mweisen-7(4A/3A)-self and DH-undecided, MIL-Jasmine, aunt-Babette (from BatB), DD-Belle, DD-hipster Ariel, DD's friend-hipster Snow White
Allaboutamouse-3(2A/1C)-adults- no costumes, DD- Tinker Bell
sdonovan-2(2A)-self- possibly Oswald or Beaker, DW-??
jack'smom-5(2A/3C)-self-Candace, DH-Dr. Doofenshmirtz, DS-Phineas, DS-Ferb, DD-Isabella
Raz4back-2(2A)-self-Razorback football uniform, DW-Razorback cheerleader

Blessedwithboys-4(2A/2C)- self & DH-Mr. & Mrs. Potato Head, DS-green Army man, DS- Buzz
MyZoeJane-11(8A/3C)- orange, purple and black Mickey tie-dyed shirts
WishingMom-4(2A/2C)-self and DH-cowgirl/cowboy, DD-cavewoman, DD-Sofia
Tink_Or_Belle-???- countries of EPCOT
Bee2u-2(2A)- self- Disneybounding Dalmatian, DD- Peter Pan
seasidespences-4(2A/2A)- self-Auntie Em, DH-Uncle Henry, DD-Dorothy, DS-Munchkin
Overexcited- adults-no costumes, kids- Jedi and Woody
MsMagical-5(3A/2C)-self-Tardis, DH-undecided, DS-11th Doctor, DD-Jasmine, DS-Woody Ohana 5:00pm
niftywench-4(3A/1C)-self and DH-Mabel and Dipper Pines, sister-Esmarelda, DD-Merida
Lemonademouth-2(2A)-self-a minion, mother-in-law-fairy godmother

serino4disney-3(2A/1C)-self- Granny, DH- Wolf disguised as Granny, DD-Little Red Riding Hood
sue Z-1(1A)- Grumpy baseball outfit
bamaodom-2(2A)- Alabama football players
jwhtewolfd-2(2A)- self- Tim Burton's Cheshire Cat, friend- original cartoon Cheshire Cat
MackenzieFL-5(3A/2C)- French Revolutionaries from Les Miserables
celestialred-4(2A/2C)-self cyberpunk-style Maleficent,DH-pirate,DD-kitty mummy, DD- Wonder Woman BOG 4:35pm
KristenRB-2(2A)- undecided
Bonne403-4(2A/2C)- undecided CRT 4:00pm
Ckmommy72-4(2A/2C)- Mousketeers (tentative) Tony's 7:10pm
dhorner233-2(2A)- self- Dopey page 16 post# 240, cousin-Grumpy
PDJPrinceCharming-1(1A)- MNSSHP tee
nat1234-5(5A)-undecided 'Ohana ?:??am
Dreamport-2(2A)-self-female Dreamfinder, sister- Dip from Who Framed Roger Rabbit
popp17-2(2A)- self and partner- undecided
bluepirategrl-5(4A/1C)- Quorra from Tron, Mrs. Incredible, other 3 undecided Ohana 5:10pm
Nigel Channing-12(8A/4C)- undecided
ravendas-3(2A/1C)- adults-undecided, DD- Pocahontas CRT 5:30pm
plutospalforever-6(2A/4C)- adults and two kids- Mickey Halloween tees, DD- Aurora or Minnie, DS- undecided
sweetdana-4(2A/2C)-self-Princess Leia, DH- Boba Fett, DD-Ashoka, DD-R2D2 (may also attend on the 27th in same costumes)
PryncessLace-5(4A(1C)-self-80's popstar, DH-20's mobster, DD-50's sock hop girl, sister-70's hippie, brother-in-law-90's grunge
ADVentive-5(2A/3C)-self-Tardis page 44 post# 657, DH-11th Doctor, DD-princess (gold dress), DD-Minnie Mouse page 44 post# 657, niece-a witch
Crazie4daMouse-3(2A/1C)-self-Bama fan, DH-Nick Saban, DS-Alabama football player

27 ****SOLD OUT****
deadheadmamma4-4(2A-2C)- undecided
jmartinez1895-5(2A/3C)- adults- undecided, DS-Captain Hook, DD- Tink, DS- Peter Pan
+Rosetta+-9(9A)- Ariel (pink dress), Belle, 3 bimbettes (from BatB), Sarah, Mary & Winifred Sanderson (from Hocus Pocus), one still undecided page 27 post# 394
MichelleWDWfan-2(2A)- undecided
gabbyrosebud-(??)-self and DD-??
CuteAndFluffy-3(2A/1C)-self-Mabel, DH and DS-Soos and Dipper (in Pterodactyl Bros. shirts)
Curoly06-5(5A)-self-Cheshire Cat, sister-Alice, others-Sora (from Kingdom Hearts), Snow White, and undecided
princess_ariel_85-2(2A)-self-Ariel, DH-Linguinipage 41 post# 610
kidsister-2(2A)-self-Tink, sister- a cat (possibly Cheshire Cat)

Peepster-3(2A/1C)-adults will be bacon and eggs, grandniece will be Snow White
adunn001-4(2A/2C)- self- undecided, DH-jedi, DS- jedi, DD-Cinderella
stitchTB-6(3A/3C)- adults and 2 children- Wreck-It Ralph characters, other child- Captain Jack Sparrow BOG 4:30pm
ThumpersWorld-4(2A/2C)- undecided
Mousemommy1-2(2A)- self and bestie- Alice and the Queen of Hearts
Hook326-4(2A/2C)- self- Wonder Woman, DH- Green Lantern, DS- Batman, DS- Robin
RogueJedi-3(2A/1C)- self- rebel pilot (orange jumpsuit), DW-undecided, DD-Ariel
+Rosetta+-9(9A)- Tight Rope Dancer, Madame Leota & The Bride (from Haunted Mansion), Cinderella, White Queen & Mad Hatter (from Tim Burton's AiW) page 27 post# 394
gabbyrosebud-(??)-self and DD-??
RebeccaB-??-self and DH-HM ballroom dancers, in-laws-zombies, DD-zombie cop
jeffl34 and whippetdog-2(2A)- Wreck-It Ralph and Vanellope von Schweetz
eyehartdisney-3(3A)-self-Stitch, two friends-pirates


Peepster-3(2A/1C)- adults will be bacon and eggs and grandniece will be a princess, possibly Snow White again
Aimster08-3(2A/1C)-adults-no costumes, DD-Doc McStuffins
moonlitelace-1(1A)- no costume
Kilala-1(1A)- cotton candy calico cat
basketrn-3(2A/1C)- adults- no costumes, DS- pirate (PL appt.)
amyren-10(6A/4C)- other adults-no costume, self-Wilderness Explorer, DD- Kevin, DS- Carl Fredricksen page 41 post# 613page 55 post# 823 friends' kids will be Ursula and Mickey
maryandtyson-4(2A/2C)-self and DH-no costumes, two DDs-Pirate's League tony's 5:10pm
abbybeth-2(2A)- self and DBF- HM Tightrope girl (Lillian Gracey) and Dynamite guy (Alexander Nitrokoff) from the HM stretching room portraits page 46 post# 681
DSNY4ever-3(2A/1C)-self and DH-Ellie and Carl, DS-Russell
KnJ-2(2A)-no costumes San Angel Inn 4:30pm
MarieS-??-Halloween tee
Reddog1134-5(4A/1C)-self-Cubby, DW(a.k.a. Holleypie)-Izzy, DS-Jake, SIL and SIL's BF-undecided
marynpaul-2(??)-self-Cleopatra, DD-gumball machine
nocomment711-1(1A)-Maleficent ears

moonlitelace-1(1A)-pink pirate
LeandraCat-4(2A/2C)- undecided
Pikester-2(2A)- no costumes
Aimster08-3(2A/1C)-adults-no costumes, DD-Belle
pirate-3(2A/1C)- Halloween shirts
gypsydoodlebug-3(2A/1C)-self-purple dress, lime green sweater, and purple fascinator, DH-"disinterested father on his iPhone", DD-Eliza Doolittle (from My Fair Lady) page 52 post# 777
TarrahA-3(2A/1C)-adults-Mad Hatter and White Rabbit, DD-Cheshire Cat
DisneyMomDeb-12(8A/4C)- Merida and Queen Elinor, witches, spider webs, Halloween shirts, princesses, pirates
kungaloosh-4(4A)-self-Dug, DH-Carl, DS-Russell, DDIL-Kevin
mtfarlin-2(2A)- Tinker Bell and Peter Pan
wheatly-3(2A/1C)-self-Puss in boots, mother-Halloween tee/Doctor, nephew-Spyro the dragon

White Rose-2(2A)-no costumes, but possibly Halloweeny clothes
IowaTater-2(2A)- self-sock hopper page 43 post# 638, DH-Dr.Who LTT 4:00pm
Spunky946-4(2A/2C)- self-a witch, DH-Perry, DD-Rapunzel, DS-Buzz
kramerzoo-2(2A)- undecided
LisaTN-2(1A/1C)-self-Halloween tee, DD- princess (undecided as to which one)
GarrettJD-2(2A)- self- Wreck-It Ralph, DW- village Belle page 38 post# 556
lorilori-8(4A/4C)- toy story characters
PrincessInOz-3(2A/1C)-no costumes
Luvchefmic-2(2A)- no costumes
PookieB-2(2A)- self and DH- Dolly and Mr. Pricklepants
PoohsFan1-4(2A/2C)- self, DH, and two DDs- no costumes (possibly MNSSHP tees and Mickey/Minnie ears) Tony's 5:00pm
keishashadow-2(2A)- Jack Sparrow and a pirate wench (weather permitting) Tony's 4:50pm
Grumpy4196-5A/2C)- undecided
mzozzietj-3(2A/1C)-3(2A/1C)-self and DH-Sleepy and Grumpy, DD-Snow White (4pm BBB appt.)
wendybeth75-4(2A/2C)-self and DH- Mr. and Mrs. Potato Head, DD-Cheshire Cat, DS-Goofy zombie
Katie In Wonderland-1(1A)-Eponine Thenardier (from Les Miserables) page 52 post# 768
faithsmth-3(2A/1C)-self-ladybug, DH-pirate, DD-Batgirl
kydisneyfans-3(2A/1C)-self and DW-Gobo and Red (from Fraggle Rock), DS-undecided

10 ****SOLD OUT****
SlightlyocdDisneyfan-7(4A/3C)- an entomologist and a swarm of bugs page 50 post# 742 and 743, father and stepmom-no costumes (tentative) BOG 4:20pm
policycobb-3(2A/1C)- 50's attire Kona 5:00pm
scrappymel-3(2A/2C)- self and DH-undecided, DD-Angelica
suetoo-7(5A/2A)- self-Minnie Mouse, DD- Cinderella, DS- Phillies player, the rest are undecided
catchersmom-2(2A)- undecided
disneynanacat-4(3A/1C)- various Disney villains yet to be determined
poorunfortunateseth- self- Jolly Holiday Bert, twin sister- provincial town Belle, cousin- Tinker Bell
bgoodmickey-3(2A/1C)- self and DH- pumpkins, DGS- Jake
joyfulDisneytears-2(2A)-self- Madam Mim page 32 post# 480, DH- Merlin
kirby428-2(2A)- self- Mike Wazowski costume tee, DW- undecided
sparkylauren-3(2A/1C)-self- Vanellope, DH- Wreck-It Ralph, DS-Fix-It Felix
herb102211-2(2A)-self and DH-no costumes
Katie In Wonderland-1(1A)-Sarah (ballgown-from the musical Tanz der Vampire/Dance of the Vampires) page 52 post# 768
poorunfortunateseth-3(3A)-self- Ursula (in drag), sister- provential Belle, cousin-Tinker Bell
panda8899-6(3A/3C)-characters from Despicable Me
julzee-7(5A/2C)-self-Queen Fairy, DH-undecided, DD-Butterfly Fairy, DS-samurai or pirate, kids' 3 grandparents- Indian, undecided and undecided
CBDisney77-3(2A/1C)-self and DH- Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum, DD-Alice
Twende-3(2A/1C)-self-Hyacinth the Hippo, DD-Lillian Gracey (HM tightrope girl), DGD-crocodile
surferdave-3(2A/1C)-self-Batman/Mickey mashup, DW-a witch, DD- Merida
foxxxy83-2(1A/1C)-self and DS-??
rmprhp-4(3A/1C)-undecided (possibly pirates)

11 ****SOLD OUT****
Disneylover99-4(2A/2C)-socket and plug, princess (tentative) and ghoul (tentative)
twoglasslippers-5(2A/3C)- possibly Toy Story characters, but undecided
LisaTN-5(3A/2C)-adults- Halloween tees, DD-a princess, nephew- undecided
jackieinJuneau-2(2A)- Akatsuki members from Naruto
Mindy2227-4(4A)- undecided
wdwlover25-3(2A/1C)- 2010 MNSSHP shirts
Li Li and NigelSTW-2(2A)- undecided
LovesHauntedMansion-2(2A)- self and DH- black and orange clothing (tentative)
krysmama2-5(3A/2C)- ???
Mindy2227-4(4A)- undecided BOG 4:45pm
Mysteryman19-2(2A)- undecided
sammielynn-2(2A)-self and cousin- lady pirates (tentative)
herb102211-2(2A)-self-Mad Hatter, DH-undecided
MellinMickey4333-8(?A/?C)-5 will be Mouseketeers and the other 3 possibly Toy Story characters
rebeccam31-2(1A/1C)-self-Belle, DD-Ariel
Jolissi-4(2A/2C)-self-Hook, DW-Wendy, DS-Peter Pan, DD-Tinker Bell
turftoega-4(2A/2C)-Alice In Wonderland characters

14 ****SOLD OUT****
Cinderella16-2(2A)- self-Minnie, DH-Goofy LTT 4:35
That's So Raven-3(2A/1C)- niece-Tinker Bell, self and sis-in-law- fairies
katieam1-4(2A/2C)- undecided
ppb1701-1(1A)-Wreck-It Ralph
WildGrits-2(2A)- self-La Catrina, mother-Maleficent
Tinkerbellie16-4(2A/2C)-no costumes
lost n the clouds-3(3A)-self-20's flapper, sister- Tinker Bell, mother-Alice
disneydreamgirl-3(2A/1"T")- self- Mary Poppins, DH and DS- chimney sweeps BOG 4:55pm
mallory3-3(2A/1C)-self and DH-Mr. and Mrs. Potato Head, DD-alien
live4christp1-4(2A/2C)self, DBF and DD-undecided, DS-Assasins Creed Izio
saltooni-3(2A/1C)-self and DH-??, DD-Sophia
brettcw23-4(2A/2C)-self and DW-undecided, DD-Snow White, DD-undecided BOG 4:00pm
GTRARNP-2(1A/1C)-self-Minnie with hat and a Halloween tee, DS-Darth Vader

17 ****SOLD OUT****
disneygirl-4(2A/2C)- undecided
Deffenm-2(1A/1C)- undecided
sintoc-4(2A/2C)-self- Cheshire Cat, DH-Mad Hatter, DD-Alice, DD-Queen of Hearts
3Leafs-1(1A)- Halloween themed outfit
Princess89-1(1A)- Halloween themed outfit
dadofgoofy-4(2A/2C)- Peter Pan characters
PrincessPiperMommy-4(2A/2C)- self-Sally, DH-Jack, DD-Zero, DD- Mayor or witch
swthrtpallanes-2(1A/1C)- undecided
charlene130-4(2A/2C)- undecided
Liz Z4(4A)- undecided
lovin'fl-2(2A)- self and DH- no costumes Tony's2:35pm
anjalee6-4(2A/2C)-self-Alice, DH-Hawk-eye, DS-Spiderman, DD-Jasmine
IeMICKEY-4(2A/2C)-self and DH-no costumes-possibly Halloween shirts, DS- triceratops, DS-undecided (possibly Sully)
teetee830-3(2A/1C)- self- Cinderella (maid's dress), mother-Fairy Godmother, DS- Captain Hook (doing PL) BOG 4:15pm
crostorfer-2(1A/1C)- adults-undecided, possibly 2013 MNSSHP tees and ears, DD-Theodora
mapmakerj-3(?)-Halloween tees
cheshirecatattack-3(3A)- self-Cheshire Cat, mother and brother-undecided
nfggirl5454-3(2A/1C)- self-Wendy(tentative), sister-Tink (tentative), nephew-Peter or firefighter (tentative)
MADnNOLA-1(1A)-Stretching Potrait Man on Dynamite Keg page 52 post#774BOG 4:35pm
moralesdavis-4(2A/2C)- Peter Pan characters page 52 post# 773
IceSkatingPrincess-2(2A)-self and DH-Cinderella (ballgown) and Prince Charming CP 5:20pm
Cinderella Girl-4(2A/2C)-self-Miss America, cousing and her two DDs-princesses
Torigans mom-8(4A/4C)-self-Alice, DH- Fix-It Felix, DD-Bella Thorne, DS-Perry the platypus, friend-undecided, friend's DH-Wreck-It Ralph, friend's two DDs-Minnie and Vanellope
DisDee-17- all wearing orange shirts that say "Michele and Jim's 10th AnniverScary"and some in the group will wear various Halloween hats
timsprincess-2(2A)-self-Alice, DH-White rabbit Plaza 5:20pm

MISSYLEXI-7(6A/1C)-Mickey, Minnie, Donald, Daisy, Angel, and 2 undecided
tdonnell56-10(6A/4C)- adults-???, kids- Alice, Queen of Hearts, White Rabbit and Cheshire Cat Plaza 5:??pm
chrisc88-3(2A/1C)-self-Vanellope, mother- villains shirt, niece-Taffyta Muttonfudge
Deanie1-3(??)-undecided LTT 4:20pm
dreamsofdisney-3(2A/1C)-self-casual Cheshire Cat, DH-casual Mad Hatter, DD-Alice page 55 post# 811
EEsloveDis-??-DS-Indiana Jones, DD-Marie

jana616-7(4A/3C)- undecided
PRmamiDEdos-2(2A)- undecided
dreamscometrue-1(1A)- Canadian flag (tentative)
Masiri-7(4A/3C)- undecided
RoundtownGirl-4(2A/2C)- undecided
chmurf-3(2A/1C)- undecided
Mike&AllisMom-4(2A/2C)-adults-undecided, DS- pirate, DD- princess
OhThePain- 2(2A)- no costumes
andyman8-2(2A)- self and teen son-no costumes
angierae-2(2A)-self- Snow White page 55 post# 822, DD- Rapunzel
Fab4@disney-4(2A/2C)-self, sister, 2DDs-girl superheroes
qtkksmom-??-self and DH-undecided, rest-secret costumes
MADnNOLA-1(1A)-Merlin (from Sword in the Stone) page 52 post#774
akyarnie-6(4A/2C)-adults-characters from Brave page 52 post# 778, DS-Sam Flynn (Tron), DS-storm trooper CRT 4:05pm
Plannin'Shannon-2(2A)-self and DH-no costumes

smitch425-4(2A/2C)-cast of Gravity Falls- self-Wendy page 8 post# 115, DH-Soos, DD-Mabel page 19 post# 273 with Waddles page 45 post# 666, DS-Dipper page 19 post# 273
DuffGT06-1(1A)- undecided
sunkistJoy-7(2A/5C)- cast of Gilligan's Island, self and DS -Gilligan and Professor, DH-Skipper, four DDs as Ginger, MaryAnn and the Howells
mythreeboys-6(3A/3C)- adults-undecided, DS-pirate, DS-pirate, DS-Jake
Gabisgramma-3(2A/1C)- self-wise momma owl, DH and granddaughter, Fox and the Hound
chmurf-3(2A/1C)- undecided
pooki1- ?(?A/?C)- Haunted Mansion shirts (tentative)
Mommy2Jameson-2(1A/1C)- self-Sally, DS- Jack Skellington
mmparrott-6(3A/3C)- undecided
tr-ray-4(2A/2C) self- undecided, DH- Doofenshmirtz, kids-undecided
4kids4me-6(2A/4C)- themed tees
luckyw80-2(2A)- undecided
o0quirkygirl0o-2(2A)- undecided (possibly bride and groom- honeymoon trip!)
katie43901-8(6A/2C)- Mouseketeers
Kohla21-2(2A)- Quailman and Superhero Alice
jaleaton-6(4A/2C)-self-Anastasia, DH-Prince Charming, mother-Drizella, brother-Gus, DD- Cinderella at the ball, DD- Cinderella as the maid
donna in Oz-5(4A/1C)-self and SO-undecided, DD, SIL and DGD-Buzz, Woody and Jessie
Caseystigger-3(3A)-self-pirate wench, BF-sassy mermaid, BF's DH-Blackbeard (PL appts. at 5pm)
Weezerette-3(2A/1C)-self and DH-Disney Halloween tees, DD-Minnie
preschoolmom-5(2A/3C)-self-Linda, DH-Major Monogram, DS-Dr. Doofenshmirtz, DD-Candace, DD-Isabella
HoosierDaddy71-2(1A/1C)-self-Hagrid (from Harry Potter), DD-Hermione
iluvjus-4(2A/2C)-self-Minnie, DD-Cinderella,DH and DS-Jack Skellington shirts
NDQuietman-4(2A/2C)-self-Darth Maul,DW-Princess Leia,DD-Padme Amidala,DS-Darth Vader
epcotgirl22-2(2A)-self-Ariel (blue town dress), boyfriend-Prince Eric
Skip3key-2(2A)-self-astronaut, DF-German in leiderhosen
amberg93-2(2A)-self-Winnie the Pooh, DW (a.k.a. Marielightning)-Greek Goddess

ColonelHathi-4(2A/2C)-self- 50's attire DH-50's bowler (tentative), DS-cursed pirate, DD- Snow White or Cinderella (tentative)
mama2shi-3(2A/1C)- undecided
disneymom88-4(2A/2C)- self- Wonder Woman, DH- undecided, DD-Cinderella, DS- Captain America
hgeisler-6(3A/3C)- self-Velma, DH-Fred, DD-Daphne, DS-Shaggy, DS-Scooby, mom-no costume
HBGdancermom-5(2A/3C)- undecided
manda07-3(2A/1C)- self-Wreck-It Ralph, DH- Fix-It Felix, DD- Vanellope
Liza111577-2(1A/1C)- self- Tink ,DS- Peter Pan CP 4:00pm
laura428-4(2A/2C)- undecided
carmie3377-2(2A)- undecided
weinerranchers-3(2A/1C)- Peter Pan theme (tentative)
disneyluvrtink-2(2A)- self- Belle, BF- Gaston BOG 5:00pm
lauradis-32(A/1C)- self and DH- Snow White and The Hunter, DD- Monster High (tentative) Yachtsman 5:15pm
cpetersen-??- DD- Ariel, DS-pirate
Diz Crazy-4(2A/2C)-self-blue flapper dancer, DH-pirate, DD-Rapunzel, DS-dragon
FFEMT510-2(2A)- undecided Ohana 5:00pm
SMG-??- undecided
Egdisney-8(4A/4C)- Mouseketeers
tofubeast-3(2A/1C)- self and DH- costume is a secret, DD-Minnie
Pluto0809-2(2A)- self-Colette, DH-Alfredo
disneytravaler-1(1A)-clown makeup
4lildreamers-4(2A/2C)-self-Tardis, DH-pirate, DD-Pocahontas, DS-Jake LTT 6:30pm
Golden_Eagle426-1(1A)-modified Batman or Superman
hokiesweetie-7(6A/1C)-adults-undecided, baby-Queen of Hearts page 57 post# 845
Goldilocks07-???- DD-Aurora

Twelvevman-3(2A/1C)- undecided
DisneyZombie-2(2A)- Alice In Wonderland theme or pirates
Mike&AllisMom-4(2A/2C)-adults-undecided, DS- pirate, DD- pirate
MVC1225 and Sashafarce-2(2A)- 50s poodle skirt girls
Disney2013Girl-3(2A/1C)- Mouseketeers
POLY1985-2(2A)- self- Belle (blue dress), DH- Beast tee
wunkmom-3(2A/1C)-self- Mrs. Incredible, DH-Bushwood Country Club caddy (from Caddyshack), DS- Jackie Moon from Semi-Pro
HollowGrl-2(2A)- undecided BOG 7:00pm
rlbklein-4(3A/1C)-self-Tardis inspired costume, DH-possible Carl Fredrickson, mother-Belle inspired costume, DD- red dalek
Flynnismine-3(2A/1C)-self-Glinda, DH-Oscar Diggs, DD-China Girl Plaza 4:15pm
neffernie-3(2A/1C)-1940's theme

khertz-3(2A/1C)- self-Tink, DH-Michael, DS- Peter Pan
helenlovesdestroy-4(2A/2C)- characters from Alice In Wonderland (tentative)
taylor3297-4(2A/2C)- self and DH- Halloween shirts (tentative), kids-undecided
peteykirch-1(1A)- Seattle Rainiers baseball player
jenjersnap-5(2A/3C)- pirates (tentative)
glasslipper-3(3A)- self and DD-Halloween tees and Minnie witch hats, DH-Halloween tee and a Goofy ears hat CP 2:45pm
bellanotte10- 3(3A)- pirate princesses
Kat016-4(2A/2C)- self and DH-Halloween themed shirts and Mickey ears, DS- Jack Sparrow, DD-tigress
Mike&AllisMom-4(2A/2C)-adults-undecided, DS- pirate, DD- princess
DaveinFallsChurch-1(1A)- undecided
ericarachel-2(2A)- ghosts
BelleLulu-4(4A)-self and MIL-Bride of Mickensein tees, DH and FIL-Mickenstein tees
Disney Princess83-2(2A) self- Merida, sister- Vanellope CRT 4:30pm
donnishobson-1(1A)- Fairy Godmother
Mommy2Jameson-2(1A/1C)- Toy Story aliens (tentative)
prisjoyce-4(2A/2C)- The Incredibles (tentative)
LauraJean-5(2A/3C)- undecided LTT 5:20
helenlovesdestroy-4(2A/2C)- self and DH- Toy Story Barbie and Ken, DS- Buzz, DS- Jessie
Taylor'sMom-6(4A/2C)-self, DH, DD, Brother, SIL, niece-all pirates page 36 post#533
Minnie121-3(1A/2C)-self-Minnie, DD-court jester, DS-zombie
BooCar3126-6(4A/2C)-self-Webbigail Vanderquack, DH-pirate, DD-Rapunzel, DS-pirate, sister and her fiancé-undecided
patrickpiteo-2(2A)-no costumes

DoctorWhoGirl-4(2A/2C)-self and DH- Stargate SG1 Team, DS-Luigi, DS-Mario
delilah18-4(2A/2C)- undecided
cousinbb-6(6A)- self and sister- Eeyore and Tigger, mom-Snow White, brother-possibly Christopher Robin, dad-Mr. Smee, aunt-Jedi Kona 5:15pm
Lindaland-2(2A)- one pirate wench and one undecided
Flametamr-6(2A/4C)- sel and DW- Haunted Mansion groom and bride, kids- undecided
disneydad78-5(2A/3C)- undecided
tryplm-3(2A/1C)- pirates
Tail Puller-4(2A/2C)-self-undecided, DW-undecided, DD-undecided, DD-Rapunzel
Beast2Prince-4(2A/2C)- self- Scott (from Gatorboys), DW-pirate, DD-pirate, DS-Paul (from Gatorboys)
NicoleK1974-4(4A)-self and friend- undecided (possibly pirates), their two DDs- princesses
jwjulie-2(2A)-self-Tinker Bell, friend-pirate
MrsRoboto-7(4A/3C)- adults- no costumes, kids- Dipper, Mabel and Waddles
sassy2000-8(4A/4C)- adults-wizard and undecided, kids- boy undecided, 3 IASW girls (Dutch girl, cowgirl, and Spanish girl)
RobynDunk-2(1A/1T)-self-fairy godmother, DD-Sally BOG 5:00pm
heatherbymun-5(2A/3C)-adults- no costumes, DD-Snow White, DS-Halloween shirt, other child-undecided
hockegirl45-10(7A/3C)-adults-undecided, children-Sofia, Rapunzel, and undecided (probably Tiana or Tink) 1900 PF 4:40pm
themillerman-1(1A)-undecided (maybe Thor or Iron Man)
MattDesmarais1-3(3A)-20's gangsters and a flapper girl
Lyndye-2(2A)-self-Tardis, mother- Queen of Hearts or Edna Mode
AliceandAriel-2(2A)-self-Evil Queen (similar to Regina from OUAT), boyfriend-undecided Plaza 2:10pm

31 ****SOLD OUT****
Ogie Oglethorpe-2(2A)- Flo and Mayhem (tentative)
Maribell-2(2A)- undecided
lonegungal17-2(2A)- self-Meg, boyfriend- no costume
kmedina-4(2A/2C)-self and DH-Alice and Mad Hatter, DS-Ironman, DS-Spiderman CP 6:05pm
DWillowBay-3(2A/1C)- self and DH- Tweedle Dum and Tweedle Dee, DS- Peter Pan
ToTJunkie1103-2(2A)- undecided
owynn-(?)- undecided
Mansion Mom-8(5A/3C)- undecided
LuvMinnie-8(6A/2C)- undecided
4butlers-5(2A/3C)-self-Pocahontas (tentitave), DH-undecided, DS- Fix-It Felix Jr., DD-Lilo, DD's BFF-undecided
Mouthpiece-4(2A/2C)- pirates page 14 post# 206
2010_Bride-2(2A)- self- Snow White, DH- Grumpy
Disney Princess83-2(2A) self- Merida , sister- Vanellope
BorkBorkBork-3(2A/1C)- self-Ralph, DH-Fix-It Felix, DD-Vanellope
sokerfrog-2(2A, may change to 3A)- self- Rose Tyler, Fiance-10th Doctor page 31 post# 456,(3rd adult-undecided)
PekabooSmiles- 2(2A)-self and DH (honeymoon)
LouFapp-3(2A/1C)- pirates
KathieSmallwood-4(3A/1C)- undecided
JoshuaShaw-4(4A)-self-Gaston, rest-undecided
pharph31-4(2A/2C)-self and DH-undecided, DD-Cinderella, DD-Sofia
neutie88-4(2A/2C)-Brazillian Tour Group
jbp24318-4(2A/2C)-all have PL appts at 6:00pm
Hedobaby-5(3A/2C)-self-Pink Ranger, DS-Red Ranger, father-Blue Ranger, friend-Green Ranger, friend's DD-Black Ranger
ChadsGirl-6(6A)-self, DH, DSis, DBro, and DM-original Mousketeers, DMIL-going as herself, the "long-lost Mousketeer."
AliOops-4(2A/2C)-self-Snow White, DH-undecided, DS-Jake, DS-Spyro the dragon
LumosQ102-2(2A)-self-Provincial Belle, friend-casual Mickey
CDolacki2003-2(2A)-self-Jessie, DH-Woody BOG 4:00pm
mousehunter3-5(2A/3C)-The Incredibles
Destynee29-5(3A/2C)-self-Minnie, cousin-"Disney appropriate" zombie Minnie, DD-50's girl or Anastasia, niece-a princess, mother-no costume (tentative)
Disneyhearts-2(2A)-self-Vanellope, DD-Kevin


Holly Quinlan-3(2A/1C)-self-Izzy, DH-Cubby, DS-Jake
MrRomance-3(2A/1C)-undecided, possibly a Wreck-It Ralph theme
ShellyShellfish-4(2A/2C)- undecided
Kellyh123-4(4A)- undecided
Disney Princess83-2(2A) self- Merida, sister- Vanellope
Lorilais_mommie-4(2A/2C)- undecided (but will be a family theme)
AMGS-4(2A/2C)- adults- undecided, DD- 80s pop star, DS- stunt trooper (tentative)
blo2002-3(2A/1C)- adults- undecided, DD- Belle (BBB appt.) CRT 4:45pm
midnightlouise-6(4A/2C)- self-River Song, DH- 10th Doctor, DS- 4th Doctor, DS- 11th Doctor, mother- Tardis, sister- Amy or Clara
PRPrincess1081-3(2A/1C)- adults- doctor and nurse, DD- Doc McStuffins
epfootballcutie04-2(2A)-self and DH-no costumes
StuckInKS-8(2A/6C)-self, DH and 5 kids-undecided, DS-Buzz
NicoleDD73-4(2A/2C)-self and DD-pirate girls, DH-no costume, DS-Luigi from Sper Mario Bros.
texaslonestar-2(2A)-self and mother-pirates
Krista in MA-2(2A)-self-undecided, sister-black cat


DIS Veteran
Jul 17, 2012
We are going for the 1st time on Fri. Oct. 11.

2 adults (plug and socket) I know those costumes sound rude, but really they're not. I wish I had a picture. I saw them at my local party store, and they look super cute and comfy too!

2 kids (probably a princess and some type of ghoul)


DIS Veteran
Aug 11, 2005
One adult and 2 kids for sept 13

Edit to add: yes we will most definitely be in costume, but no idea what yet!
  • DoctorWhoGirl

    Oct 9, 2012
    Just bought our tickets for our very first MNSSHP :cool1:
    4 of us going on Oct 29th - not sure on costumes just yet :)

    Holly Quinlan

    If I gave Pudge tuna I'd be an abomination
    Feb 23, 2013
    November 1st 2 adults and 3 year old boy. Doing pirates league that day so we will all 3 be pirates!!
  • White Rose

    DIS Veteran
    Jul 8, 2003
    Oct 6

    2 adults, one not dressing up - I might wear a halloweey T-shirt, and maybe a hat or haiband if I find something cute, nothing big.
  • smitch425

    DIS Veteran
    Mar 18, 2011
    Just bought our tickets for our very first MNSSHP :cool1:
    4 of us going on Oct 29th - not sure on costumes just yet :)
    Everyone seems to have given the party make up of adults and children, so I have edited the list to reflect that. Is it you family of four that is going? I want to make sure I list it correctly. :goodvibes


    DIS Veteran
    Dec 14, 2005
    September 29 & October 4th (yes, I know, we're just plain goofy). We will acccompanying our "rented" child (wonderful grand-niece) as Snow White (a blond Snow White, go figure) and we will be rather conspicuous as breakfast...bacon and eggs.

    Can't wait! Tickets purchased, ready to go. We're more impatient than than the child, I think!:cool1::cool1::cool1:

    Auntie Peep, the Financially Strapped:rotfl2:


    DIS Veteran
    Mar 18, 2011
    September 29 & October 4th (yes, I know, we're just plain goofy). We will acccompanying our "rented" child (wonderful grand-niece) as Snow White (a blond Snow White, go figure) and we will be rather conspicuous as breakfast...bacon and eggs.

    Can't wait! Tickets purchased, ready to go. We're more impatient than than the child, I think!:cool1::cool1::cool1:

    Auntie Peep, the Financially Strapped:rotfl2:
    Is that a party of 2 adults and 1 child? And will you wear those costumes for both parties?


    Earning My Ears
    Jan 9, 2013
    We are planning on going Oct 29th 2adults 3 kids DD 3, DS 8 & DS 10. not totally sure on costumes yet! the kids will dress up just don't know what yet


    <font color=blue>My little pirate is here<br><font
    Jun 6, 2000
    Sept 17th. 2 adults, 2 kids, dressing up but undecided.


    DIS Veteran
    Dec 14, 2005
    smitch425, yes, I'm sorry...we are two adults and 1 child for Sept. 29th and I mistakenly said the 4th but it's the 3rd. Guess I'm too excited! Child is deciding if she wants to be another princess for second party but we will probably throw on bacon and eggs again.

    Thanks to you for putting the list together! Hope all Dis'ers have a great time!

    A. Peep


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